Safari Van Hire Kenya

Nissan and Toyota have been competing in the Van market in Kenya and perhaps the rest of the world. However, Toyota is a bigger brand and has cemented its authority in the tour industry. So it’s not a surprise that you will notice that most safari van hire Kenya are Toyotas. There is a reason behind this! One factor is that the new model is built tough for the Kenyan road especially the safari terrain. Furthermore, these vehicles have the right characteristics for comfort. When you are riding these vehicles commonly referred to as shuttles on long-distance journeys you can attest to that! You will hardly miss a Toyota van on the road either for a safari or ferrying passengers.

Tour Van for hire Kenya

toyota hiace for hireTherefore it’s no wonder that we are offering the safari van hire Kenya. These vehicles come with specially designed seats and air conditioning. The seating capacity is reduced to ensure maximum comfort. Our tour guides are professional in every sense of the word. They understand the importance of communication skills. Also, they are well-traveled in the country and the greater East African region. Once they hit the road they perform magic. So we must warn you that you will enjoy your ride –which is beneficial to you from all angles!

4by4 Car hire Kenya Nairobi

We would like you and the company to enjoy your ride with a safari van hire Kenya. Because it’s your right. You get value for your money. Plus you get to enjoy well-choreographed safaris with us. You get the best in the business when you hire us! Go on calling us now and we will deliver the time of your life with our charismatic drivers and comfortable vehicles!

Car Hire Nairobi

Safari van is one of the most sought-after car hire Nairobi. It is mainly hired to visit Kenya’s National Parks and game reserves. Therefore, we rent it out as a chauffeured vehicle. In other words, we offer it as a Nairobi car hire with a driver.

14 Seater Van for hire in Nairobi.

Sometimes, the number of people requiring the safari van may exceed 7 passengers. In this scenario, we advise the use of our 14 seater Van for hire to accommodate the rest.

Land Cruiser for hire in Nairobi.

For you to experience great African game drives while in the parks, we advise hiring our Toyota Land Cruiser safari van. This vehicle is ableVan Car Hire Nairobi to comfortably handed both wet and rough African terrains. It is a 4by4 Wheel drive vehicle. However, it is a bit more pricy to hire. Nevertheless, as they say, cheap is expensive. So go for the latter.

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