Coaster bus for Hire Nairobi Kenya

Offering comparative room and solace to the 33-seater form, the coaster bus for Hire Nairobi Kenya 33-seater minibus is dependable and provides that bit more space for additional travelers. This is what you get with a coaster bus for Hire Nairobi, Kenya. Travelers – 33   Drive – Manual   Highlights – All age traveler […]

33 seater bus for Hire Kenya

In case you’re arranging an occasion or outing that requires transport for a more significant gathering of individuals, then 33 seaters for Hire Kenya recruit may be the perfect thing for you. Ideal for schools, clubs, and corporates, all the same, they are reasonable and a fantastic option in contrast to the public vehicle, giving […]

22 seater for Hire Nairobi Kenya

The hiring of 22 seaters in Nairobi, Kenya, two days, including conveyance and assortment. A portion of the more giant busses s accessible are more likened to changed over vans than their more modest namesakes with their payload territory supplanted with seating. These will convey up to 22 travelers and are fundamentally more roomy inside, […]

25 seater Buses for Hire Nairobi Kenya

Small scale or conservative MPVs will, in general, be vehicles that can convey an additional 25 travelers when required, even though the two extra seats must be, for the most part, just appropriate for everyone. At Bamm Tours and Safaris, we have 25 seater buses for Hire Nairobi Kenya accessible. Ideal for moving groups of […]

14 seater Buses and van for Hire

There might be occasions when the standard 5 or 7 seaters in a vehicle are sufficiently not. In these examples, you may have to take a gander at renting a 14 seater for Hire in Kenya, a minibus, or a multi-reason vehicle (MPV), additionally alluded to as a minivan (US) or individuals transporter.   While […]

Toyota Noah/Voxy Hire Kenya

Do you require additional room for you and your family or a gathering of companions? Bamm Tours and Safaris lease a vehicle offers a wide choice of open, high caliber and reasonable Toyota Noah hire Kenya individuals transporters for Hire in Kenya With an extraordinary determination of individuals transporters to look over and countless branches […]

Rosa Bus for Hire Kenya

Welcome to Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited; we are one of Kenya’s driving organizations for an extravagance minibus and mentor hire in Nairobi and Kenya. On top of this, we give an unprecedented scope of the standard, leader, corporate and VIP minibus and buses in various areas across Kenya. Have confidence that the A-Class Rosa […]

Safari Land Cruiser for Hire Nairobi Kenya

Experience Kenya with Bamm Tours- the Toyota Safari Landcruiser for Hire Kenya! Fabricated intense, with the manual transmission, it’s the ideal vehicle to handle the rough 4WD tracks while in transit to those notorious Outback areas. Five individuals can be obliged, yet for more space, we suggest accepting this vehicle as a gathering of four. […]

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Rental Nairobi Kenya

Are we going to go around Kenya and book Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Hire Kenya at low costs? At Bamm Tours, we are here to help and work with a considerable lot of the nation’s leading organizations to have the option to offer a scope of value vehicles at low ensured costs. Finding the best […]

Safari land cruiser hire Kenya

SAFARI LAND CRUISER HIRE KENYA Out and about on a Kenyan Safari? Well, you need to have yourself the right vehicle, ain’t it? The best vehicle is no other than the Safari Land cruiser hire Kenya! As the name suggests the safari land cruiser has been cruising the African –specifically, Kenyan roads for a long […]

Why get the land cruiser for hire Kenya?

Land Cruiser For Hire Kenya Now the question arises while getting a land cruiser for hire Kenya from Bamm tours and safari limited? The short answer is that we believe will give you the best package at the most affordable pricing. Because, well we are Bamm tours and have perfected the art of tour vehicles […]

Land Cruiser Van For Hire

Bamm Tours is the best Tour company to hire a safari Toyota Land Cruiser from. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Safari Land cruiser for hire is for those clients who are looking for luxury superior travel experiences in Kenya! Have you been searching on the internet […]

Toyota Land cruiser hire Kenya

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER HIRE KENYA When it comes to safari tours in Kenya, there is nothing closer to the Toyota land cruiser performance! It has been tested for the African roads and you’ll get through any terrain. Of course, Kenyan safaris such as through the African Savannahs are rough roads on steroids. As such you […]

The Noah car rental Nairobi Kenya performance

The Noah car rental Nairobi Kenya deserves an enthralling introduction. First for its performance. Secondly, for its interior exhibition. This means that you get a multipurpose high-performance vehicle for your traveling needs in Kenya. The Toyota Noah is much more than a lifesaver, it is the best vehicle for a family escapade if you know […]

The Voxy Car Hire Nairobi Kenya performance

You can think of the Voxy, Alphard and the Noah as a close-knit family from the Toyota show room. In essence, they are built as family vehicles, they can carry both passengers and remain with enough cargo space. It’s no wonder that Voxy car rental Nairobi Kenya is popular. Well, you could be wondering what […]

Private safari car hire Kenya

On a beautiful safari to the sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast or a wild adventure in the Masai Mara reserve. You need a companion. The journey is much more fulfilling if you have the right vehicle with you. It is for that reason that you need a private Safari Car hire Kenya. The car […]

Private car hire Kenya

When you go through our list of vehicles you will notice we have a long-range of private car hire Kenya. These vehicles include 5, 7, 11, 14, 22, and 25 seaters that you can hire for your travel needs. Private car hire Kenya comes in various shapes and brands too. This means that our clients […]

Why you need a coach bus for hire Kenya

Coach Bus Hire Kenya Are you planning to travel with a large group of people? Are you planning a corporate retreat and looking for cost-effective transport means? Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel with your team members? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then this post […]

Why you need Coaster bus for hire Kenya

The Toyota Coaster is a great traveling companion for a large group of people. When you wish to move more than 20 people from one place to another then a coaster bus for hire Kenya will do. Bamm Tours and Safaris offer these comfortable 25 seater Toyotas for corporate or private functions. We’ve been offering […]

Advantages of chauffer driven VS self-drive car rental Kenya

There are numerous advantages of picking a chauffeur over a self-drive. In this post, we will look at some of these advantages. They say that knowledge is power and this information will help you make an informed decision. First of all, Bamm tours and safaris limited consider itself a car hire Nairobi Kenya company. This […]

Benefits of self-drive car hire Kenya

  There are always benefits associated with hiring vehicles form Bamm Tours and safaris Limited. In this article we will highlight some of the befits of self-drive car hire Nairobi Kenya. When you are in Kenya it is more convenient than using public transport especially if you have many places to visit. Oftentimes, people think […]

Advantages of chauffeur driven car hire in Kenya

In most cases, a car rental or car hire Kenya will either consist of chauffeur driven or self-drive vehicles. In a separate article, we will highlight some of the benefits of self-drive car hire Nairobi Kenya. However, in this article, we will highlight some of the advantages of chauffeur driven car hire In Kenya. For […]

How to book a trip amidst the corona crisis

Do you want to book travel without losing money? It’s good to keep track of your favorite airline’s cancellation policies. This also extends to car hire Kenya and hotels as well. When you plan accordingly you save yourself from trouble. As far as car hire Nairobi Kenya is concerned Bamm Tours and safaris Got you […]

Safety measures while travelling with Toyota Noah hire Nairobi Kenya

From our internal data on car rentals, it seems that Toyota Noah hire Nairobi Kenya is a popular fit. As you know, Toyota Noah is a great car for a number of people. Unlike most saloons or station wagon this vehicle can carry about 7 people and got more cargo space. It’s always good to […]

How to enjoy hassle free car rental (voxy hire Nairobi Kenya)

Regardless of how long car travel has been around, it has not yet lost its lure. Thousands are increasingly purchasing new cars while thousands more are renting them for travel. There are so many reasons you’d want to travel with a car, more so, rent voxy hire Nairobi Kenya. Take it for me that you […]

Reasons why you should get a vanguard for hire Kenya

There is a mystery surrounding the traveling world and it always excites most people. However, car hire shouldn’t be a mystery because it’s a straight forward thing. That said, you need the best eyes to appreciate the beauty you unearth when you travel. It is for this reason that we have prepared some reasons why […]

How to choose the best car for rental (Rav 4 for hire Kenya)

While it might seem like an easy task, hiring a vehicle can be tricky sometimes. We know these because we see how people struggle on settling for the best. The word best is used relatively to mean the right choice of vehicle. For instance, one great example is when a client couldn’t settle on either […]

Differences between using a land cruiser and tour van hire Kenya

Have you ever noticed that the land cruiser and Tour van are some of the most popular touring vehicles? Of course, if you are not in the industry it might seem weird. Well, the Toyota land cruiser and tour van hire Kenya re the most popular. We thought we’d highlight some of the differences and […]

Advantages of hiring a vehicle (Toyota voxy hire Kenya)

There is nothing that outweighs the benefits of something you want. The same can be said about a car hire vehicle. There is a myriad of advantages when you are hiring a vehicle in Kenya. Our vehicle of choice is the Toyota voxy hire Kenya so you’ll notice it will be mentioned more times in […]

The process of Toyota Noah hire Kenya

First question I’ll ask you is do you have valid driving license?  Why? Of course, you can drive a vehicle without a valid driving license in Kenya. Note that NTSA keeps changing the requirements for a valid driving license. If you are an international traveler you also need to have an international driving license. If […]

Definitive guide on Hiring Safari Land cruiser Kenya

One of the best cars that we hire out is the Safari Land cruiser. When you are looking for a safari land cruiser hire Kenya you can trust Bamm tours will deliver. That said, we’d like to share valuable information about hiring a vehicle. Perhaps, you wish to hire the safari land cruiser for a […]

Private Safari Tour van hire Kenya

  The private safari tour van hire Kenya is basically a van that shares similar exterior with the 14 seater Matatu Therefore, I will use the words private Sari tour van and Matau loosely and interchangeably. There are so many uses of a private safari tour van. However, the major use is going out for […]

14 seater Matatu hire Kenya

The 14 seater matatu is a regular on the Kenyan roads. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the best modes of transports in Kenya. The 14 seater Matatu hire Kenya has a long history in Kenya. During the president’s Moi Era, they would carry about 18 Passengers. However, after 2002, they became the 14 […]

7 Seater Van For Hire Nairobi

7 Seater Van For Hire Nairobi Are you planning for a road trip with the squad, friends or buddies this Year 2020? Have you gotten yet a trusted Travel company for your transport solutions yet? Do you want to just be driven to multiple scenic destinations in Kenya without having to worry who is driving […]

14 Seater Van For Hire

Why 14 Seater Van For Hire Nairobi In order to answer this question, why you need to hire a 14 seater van for hire from us, Let’s suppose you and your travel party want to travel in comfort and style and still have plenty of room for your luggage, a 14-passenger van for hire Kenya […]

11 seater tour van hire Kenya

When you are in need of a vehicle that will transport about 11 tourists around the country then you can hire the 11 seater tour van Kenya. You are at an advantage when you get the 11 seater tour van hire Kenya from Bamm Tours and Safaris. This is a dedicated company in the tours […]

Toyota Harrier hire Kenya

TOYOTA HARRIER FOR HIRE KENYA The Toyota Harrier has become a popular vehicle among Kenyans in recent years. And it is with good reasons. The Toyota van streamlined design means that it’s a high performance car on the road. In short the Toyota harrier hire Kenya is a great SUV. Once you hire the vehicle [...]

Toyota Rav4 hire Kenya

Toyota Rav4 Hire Kenya Toyota Rav4 hire Kenya as an SUV is a resilient vehicle. As far as performance is concerned it’s nearly as good as the Toyota Prado. We offer both models and you will at a great advantage of getting them from us. We are among the best tour and travel company In […]

Safari Tour van hire Kenya

  Safari Tour Van For Hire Nissan and Toyota have been competing in the Van market in Kenya and perhaps the rest of the world. However, Toyota is a bigger brand and has cemented its authority in the tour industry. So it’s not a surprise that you will notice that most safari tour van hire […]

22 seater hire Kenya

22 Seater Bus For Hire Kenya One of the most popular bus version is the Toyota Rosa bus (25 seater). However, we also offer the 22 seater and the 14 seater bus and van respectively. These vehicles are in response to the growing number of Kenyans who wish to travel as a larger group. Ordinarily, […]

Toyota Noah for hire Kenya

Toyota Noah For Hire Kenya You should think of Toyota Noah as birds of the same feather alongside the Toyota Voxy. In fact, these vehicles got quite a lot of similarities. For one they are from the same company. Secondly, they got close relations as far as structures is concerned. However, we won’t get technical […]

Toyota Voxy for hire Kenya

  TOYOTA VOXY FOR HIRE KENYA The other day a colleague made a mistake and wrote the word Voxy as “Foxxy”. We laughed about it over coffee before he corrected it after the break. Rightly so the Americans use the word Foxxy to describe something stylish and elegant. Similarly, these words can be used to […]

Toyota prado for hire Kenya

Toyota prado for hire Kenya   This is one of the high end vehicles that has had increased demand over the years. The Toyota prado for hire Kenya is vehicle that is suitable when you want to arrive in style at a grand party or event. The Toyota prado by Bamm tours is also a […]

Nissan Xtrail for hire Kenya

Nissan Xtrail for hire Kenya It’s such a delight to go out on a Safari. One of the best ways to do so is through a Nissan Xtrail for hire Kenya. Bamm tours got you covered on that front. The Nissan Xtrail for hire Nairobi Kenya is a versatile vehicle that will help you achieve […]

Toyota fielder for hire Kenya

  TOYOTA FIELDER FOR HIRE KENYA Among some of the most versatile vehicles in Kenya, the Toyota fielder and the Probox are one of them. These vehicles are quite a number on the Kenyans roads. And let’s face it, these vehicles are very good to the Kenyan masses. As such, we as Bamm tours know […]

Rav 4 for hire Kenya

  RAV 4 FOR HIRE KENYA Rav 4 for hire Kenya is an equally versatile vehicle that is both a commander on the roads and a comforting beast. Once, you get one for yourself it feels great. From the Bamm tours garage, you can choose between the Rav 4 for hire Kenya and the Toyota […]

Vanguard for hire Kenya

VANGUARD FOR HIRE KENYA A car that moves masses in the right motion is definitely worth trying. This vehicle is no other than the Toyota vanguard for hire Kenya. It is an elegantly shaped vehicle with high performance on passenger carriage and speed. There are a number of reasons you anybody would get a vanguard […]

Advantage of tour van for hire Kenya by Bamm tours Safaris

Think of the tour van for hire Kenya as the bold and the beautiful. Well, the juxtaposition comes with the throwback show from the 90’s. But the true Toyota tour van is great for the African Safaris tour. And Bamm tours and Safaris got it! So the question still remain why should you hire a […]

Tour van for hire Kenya

TOUR VAN FOR HIRE KENYA The tour van for hire Kenya is a great vehicle to help you get through the African safaris. The only vehicle that compares to it is the land cruiser for hire Kenya. We also offer the latter for hire to tour guides or a group that wishes to go on […]

Olpejeta Nanyuki Tours

About Olpejeta Nanyuki Tours Ever since we lost Sudan, the only Northern White Rhino left in the world, Olpejeta Nanyuki tours have increased enormously! If you want to go and visit a park or conservancy that is full of rhinos, that is if you love rhinos, This is the tour to book, Olpejeta Nanyuki tours. […]

Nairobi City Tour Full day

Nairobi City Tour Full Day As a first time visitor in Nairobi, we always advise you to set aside a day for a full day Nairobi city Tour with the best tour company, Bamm Tours! Whenever you do so, you will never regret. You get to learn more about this Amazing capital city in Africa, […]

Budget Wildebeest Migration Offer

Budget Wildebeest Migration Safari Offer Package If you are looking for a budget safari this year to come and watch the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara this year 2019, then this is a deal for you. Imagine for only 349$ Per  Person Sharing in a Double or Single Room tent in Rhino tourist camp, you will […]

Amboseli Madaraka Tours

Amboseli Madaraka Packages

SaltLick Taita Hills Tours

Sarova Saltlick and Taita Hills 3 Days Safari Tour Offer Whenever we hear a guest asking about Tsavo tours, we very likely to recommend a combination of Sarova Salt lick and Taita Hills 3 days 2 nights tours. This package is very unique on its own since it offers a luxury travel far away from […]

3 Days 2 Nights Tsavo Tours

3 Days 2 Nights Group Joining Tsavo Tours For those of us who have always dreamt about visiting Tsavo National park, here is your chance to book as we have laid down all the package for the entire year 2019. Whether you want to take your family, your staffs, your colleagues or your team, kindly […]

Easter Safari offer

Easter Safari Offer to Masai Mara, Are you there like my friend Jane who is still confused on where to go this Easter Holiday 2019? Dont be left behind. Book this Budget Easter Safari Offer now and enjoy 3 Days safari to the famous Masai Mara for only 15,000/- Kshs or 350 Usd For Non […]

The Ark Easter Offer

The Ark Easter Offer. Could you be there and you are still searching for a destination on where to spend your Easter Holiday weekend this year and have not yet found out one? We would like you to consider spending it at the Ark Lodge, thats why we have specifically designed this package Ark Easter […]

Easter Aberdares Offer

Aberdare Country Club

Easter Mount Kenya Self Drive Packages

Easter Self Drive Packages to Mount Kenya Region. As i am writing this, i have just received a phone call from one of our clients and she has admitted o have never seen Mount Kenya with her eyes irrespective of her having worked in one of the most high office in the land of Kenya. […]

Easter Naivasha Elementaita Nakuru Packages

Easter Self Drive Packages to Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementaita and Lake Nakuru. Best tour company, Bamm Tours does not want you to sit at home while its Easter! Thats why we have come up with self drive packages to areas close to Nairobi. whats more is that you can drive there all by yourself and […]

Diani Easter Holidays

Easter Holiday Package. Theres nothing that beats a Holiday feeling like the Kenyan South Coast Diani or Ukunda. Thats why, if you are still looking for the best place to spend during your Easter Holiday, Let it be Diani South Coast! The Beaches are extremely clean unlike North Coast and less Congested since not many […]

Mombasa Easter Packages

Easter Mombasa Holiday Packages 2019 There`s no experience that beats Easter Holidays than spending it on a beach! That is why our team has organised special packages for you to go and enjoy in Mombasa with your families. Whether you want a package with SGR train and transfers, flying package with hotels transfers or just […]

Easter Tsavo Packages

Are you still wondering where to spend your Easter weekend holiday? Well Tsavo is the solution you`ve been looking for! This park is very unique in its own ways. from the Wild animals to the natural habitat, it will make you forget all the hustles and bustles of the city and make you indulge in […]

Easter Amboseli Packages

Easter Holiday In Amboseli Park If you have never been to Amboseli and you’ve been dreaming to visit here, then Easter Holiday is the best time to do so! You may want to ask me why? Well, First is because Many Nairobi-ans will flock to either Masai Mara or Mombasa for their Easter break long […]

Easter Samburu Tours

Easter Samburu Packages Are you looking toward spending your Easter Holiday in Samburu? If Yes, Your search ends here because we have your back! We have packages and we will leave Nairobi on Friday 19/4/2019 and come back Sunday 21/4/2019. There`s no better way of spending your Easter Holiday than having it Samburu. But you […]

Easter Masai Mara Deals

EASTER MASAI MARA DEALS Are you looking for the best tour company to plan for your Easter holiday to Masai Mara? Well look no further, below are special packages designed for you and your loved ones. Enjoy this years Easter holiday in maasai Mara. Book this tour now! We will depart from Nairobi on Friday […]

Rav 4 for hire Kenya

Rav 4 for hire Kenya The Rav 4 is a versatile off-roader that Kenyans love to ride with and take Rav 4 for hire Kenya. There is a lot you can achieve with this off-roader! It has been a favorite since the day it landed in Kenya. Just like its sisters in the Toyota family, […]

Why get a Toyota Noah for hire Kenya from Bamm Tours?

  Why get a Toyota Noah for hire Kenya from Bamm Tours? Toyota Noahs/Voxy are very comfortable. They are designed with that in mind. They carry seven passengers comfortably. For that reason, Toyota Noah for hire Kenya is quite popular, especially during weekends. Typically, most people go to “shags” during the weekends. Therefore, they need […]

Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya

Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya When a group of people wish to travel from one point to another it becomes easier to use Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya. For example, when a company wishes to take their employees to a team-building experience in Naivasha from Nairobi they will most probably use […]

Prado for hire Kenya

  Prado for hire Kenya Occasionally or frequently (depending on the purpose) Kenyans hire a high-end vehicles range of cars for a special occasion. Typically, they are looking for Prado for hire Kenya for weddings, private functions, or perhaps impress on a date or networking event. Understandably, Prados are one of the cheaper option luxurious […]

Sarova Stanley

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Sarova Panafric

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Jacaranda Hotel

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Great Rift Valley Lodge

HALF DAY CONFERENCE PACKAGE – Kshs 4,000/- per person per day · Use of the Conference Room · Buffet lunch with a soft drink · Morning OR afternoon tea/coffee/assorted pastries/cookies · One soft drink per person during lunch · 2 x Flipcharts with paper and markers – per day · Use of audio-visual equipment: TV […]

Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort

CONFERENCES PACKAGE FOR 2018 LAKE NAIVASHA SOPA RESORT SINGLE Kshs. 23,280 TWIN SHARING Kshs. 16,356 PER PERSON Rates are on full board basis and include: Conference room PA System TV and Video Overhead Projector Flip Charts Writing pads and pens Bottled Mineral in the conference room Morning and afternoon tea or coffee with snacks Unlimited […]

Lake Naivasha Kongoni Lodge


Burchs Resort

Burchs Conferences and Team Building. Burch`s Resort fully equipped state of the art conference rooms offers the following amenities for a: 1. Full Day Conference at Kshs. 3000 per person Inclusions: 10:00am / 4:00pm tea or coffee with assorted snacks 2 bottles of mineral water (500ml) per person in the conference room Buffet lunch/ dinner […]

Crayfish Camp Lake Naivasha

Full Day Team Building 2,500 per day per person Day Conference 3,200 Per person Per Day Conferences with Accommodation Single Room 8,450 Per person Per Night Full Board Accommodation Double Room 12,900 Kshs Per Person Sharing Full Board Accommodation Full Day Conference At Pool Side 10,000 Per Day   Transport available upon Request

Simba Lodge Naivasha

Full Day Conference starting from 6,000 kshs Per Person Per Day. Includes Lunch and conference materials Transport not included

North Coast Mombasa

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Sarova Whitesands

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Nyeri & Aberdares

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Panari Resort Nyahururu

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Serena Sweet Waters

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Sarova Woodlands

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Lake Elementaita

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Enashipai Team Building

Enashipai Resort Conferencing For many reasons that i may not be able to explain here, we have found ourselves booking Enashipai resorts for Conferences and Team building activities for most of our customers  for the past 5 years. Organisation finds it ideal for all their delegates meeting. Welcome to Enashipai Resort Conferences and team building […]

Lake Naivasha Team Building

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Oak Place Nairobi

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Nairobi Team Building

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Team Building

Private Family Safaris

Family packages  Peak Rates 2 adults + kid less 2 yrs 2 adults + kid less than 12 yrs sharing 2 Adults + kid in own room less 12yrs Rhino Tourist Camp 59,000 66,000 69,500 Ol Moran 69,000 75,400 87,000 Siana Springs 81,000 90,000 108,000 Sentrim Masai Mara 81,800 100,200 109,400 Simba Oryx 87,000 108,000 […]

SGR Christmas Packages

[wpecpp name=”SGR Package” price=”42,999″ align=”right”] Christmas Deals HOTEL 6 days 5 nights Accomodation only per person sharing Meal Plan Leisure Lodge Resort 43,295 HB Neptune Village Beach Resort 75,750 AI Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach 77,500 HB Diani Reef 85,000 HB Amani Tiwi Beach Resort 87,750 HB Baobab Beach Resort South 91,250 AI Neptune Paradise Beach […]

Christmas Mombasa Packages

Christmas Deals HOTEL 6 days 5 nights Accomodation only per person sharing Meal Plan Leisure Lodge Resort 33,295 HB Neptune Village Beach Resort 65,750 AI Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach 67,500 HB Diani Reef 75,000 HB Amani Tiwi Beach Resort 78,750 HB Baobab Beach Resort South 81,250 AI Neptune Paradise Beach Resort 86,250 AI Southern Plam […]

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC: Benz Gets Serious about EVs

Mercedes-Benz launches the first model from its electric EQ sub-brand. The switch from the internal-combustion engine to the electric motor is not something the German auto industry was particularly keen on. Granted, there have been a number of EV concept cars and prototypes, but the main effort was invested in perfecting conventional powertrains. Now comes […]

Damn, the New Toyota Corolla Wagon Looks Good

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely to come to the U.S. Toyota’s attractive new Corolla hatchback has injected the Corolla nameplate with a shot of energy, with enticing styling and a significantly better driving experience. In Europe, the Corolla renaissance is going a step further with a new wagon version called the Corolla Touring Sports—and we love the […]

It Took McLaren 18 Months to Painstakingly Restore this F1 GTR to New

The first car in McLaren’s F1 Certified restoration program is a historic stunner. Among the pantheon of top-level sports-car-makers—your garden-variety Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc.—a common thread has emerged: Each one offers its own in-house verification services for its classic models, as well as restoration facilities. McLaren has recently caught on to this trend, forming its […]

Ford Won’t Sell the Focus Active in America Thanks to Trump’s Tariffs

Earlier this year, Ford declared AN audacious conceive to move aloof from rider cars, instead focusing the whole complete on trucks, crossovers, and utility vehicles, together with the pony. That meant that whereas us would not get the main focus, it’d get the main focus Active, a lifted, crossover-y version that will be foreign from […]

Volvo’s Autonomous Commuter Pod Concept Lets You Spend More Time Working

Perhaps more than any other automaker besides Tesla, Volvo has embraced the idea of autonomous cars. The latest manifestation of that enthusiasm is this 360c concept, an electric driverless pod designed to explore the possibilities of Level 5 autonomy—the highest tier, which requires no input whatsoever from a driver other than entering a destination. And […]

The 2019 Acura ILX Finally Looks Like a Sports Sedan

The Acura ILX seems to finally be coming into its own late in its life cycle—at least looks-wise. An update for 2019 brings fresh new styling that’s attractive and sporty, although the car’s mechanicals isn’t changed at all to match the athletic design. Some new tech features join the menu as well, including Apple CarPlay and […]

Lake Elementaita 2 days 1 night tours

[images][/images] PEAK SEASON RATES (JULY- OCT 2018) FAMILY PACKAGES 2 Adults + less than 2 years kid sharing 2 Adults + 2-12 years kid sharing 2 Adults + 1 kid in own room Sirville Lake Elementaita 14,000 21,000 24,500 Epashikino Resort 13,000 19,500 22,750 Sentrim Elementaita 20,250 30,375 35,440 Pelican Lodge elementaita 10,500 15,750 18,375 [...]

Lake naivasha honeymoon tours

Lake Naivasha Honey Moon Packages Deals Burchs Resort 5,999 Cray Fish camp 5,999 Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge 9,999 Naivasha Sawela lodge 9,999 Great Rift Valley Lodge 9,999 Naivasha Simba Lodge 11,499 Lake Naivasha Country club 12,249 Enashipai lodge 13,499 Kiboko Luxury Camp 14,000 Per Person Sharing in a double room. Prices may change depending on […]

2 days 1 night nakuru tours

Weekend Getaways Family Packages FAMILY PACKAGES 2 Adults + Less Than 2 years kid sharing 2 adults + (2-12) yrs kid sharing 2 Adults + 1 kid own own room Sarova Woodlands 16,000 24,000 28,000 Lake Bogoria Resort & Spa 19,850 29,775 34,740 Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge 22,800 34,200 39,900 Prices are per room per […]

Nyeri Aberdare Weekend Getaways

Nyeri aberdare day trips

Nanyuki corporate safaris

Nanyuki day trips

Nanyuki weekend getaways

Nanyuki Tours

Lake Nakuru day tours

Lake Nakuru two hours journey from Nairobi makes it a great tourist’s attraction for locals living around the capital and its outskirts. Day Lake Nakuru tours are coupled with enjoyable sightseeing and the typically group fun field road trips. The proximity means that travelers can easily organize a great day trip to Nakuru within a […]

Lake Nakuru weekend getaways

Lake Nakuru Weekend Getaway Would you like to change the local scenery for a more profoundly engaging one? If you answer affirmative then you should take a Lake Nakuru tours one of this fine days. A large chunk of Kenyans have developed a healthy culture at their locals enjoying Nyama choma or along the now […]

Lake Nakuru family tours

Lake Nakuru corporate safaris

Lake Nakuru Corporate Tours There are two activities you can do with Lake Nakuru tours. You can either take a corporate holiday or you can choose Lake Nakuru tours for your team building/conferencing as a company. For most that have taken it a place for corporate holidays they get to enjoy blissful moments as they […]

Lake elementaita corporate safaris

Lake Elementaita Corporate Safaris We still have many organisations that mostly prefer to have their conferences at Lake Elementaita Corporate Safaris and that is the major reason we have developed this packages. For the simple fact that this location has less interruptions, organisations are able to submerge into proper training or meetings with minimal distractions. […]

elementaita weekend getaways

  Lake Elementaita Weekend Getaways. Many time whenever i find myself pressured by my work place i tend to drive during a weekend and go to lake elementaita weekend getaway with my family. The results ends up being amazing by the time i start off my car to drive back to Nairobi. let me say […]

Lake elementaita Family Safaris

Lake Elementaita Family Tours Packages “Todo sobre familia” means all about the family in Spanish. And that’s all what Lake elementaita tours family getaways is all about. These are tours to Lake Elementaita designed specifically for the family. There is no doubt that the family is a special unit for most people. Since we have […]

Lake elementaita day tours

Lake Elementaita Day Tours / Excursion For the season Kenyan travelers or tourists to Lake Elementaita is not such a new name. However, to the least traveler it’s not as popular as other lakes within the Rift Valley region. However, you will be surprised by what the lake has to offer in terms of beauty […]

Lake Naivasha corporate safaris

Lake Naivasha Corporate Travel Lake Naivasha has provided a backdrop for the signing of great treaties by leaders drawn from the country and the greater East African region. In fact, a number of peace talks in Sudan and Kenya have taken place within the vicinity of Lake Naivasha. That said, we can’t emphasis further the […]

Lake naivasha day tours

Lake Naivasha Day Trip Tours Roughly 90 kilometers from the CBD Lake Naivasha tours offer the best backdrop for a great day outing for family and friends. Lake Naivasha tours have maintained the ideal getaway on a weekday or weekend for family and friends. Also, there are the best time for road trips when you […]

Lake Naivasha weekend getaways

Lake Naivasha Weekend Getaways Get away from all the hassles and bustles of the city life with a Lake Naivasha tours weekend getaways! Don’t let the conditioned and the schedule party life in the city bore you. Simply get going to the best sceneries in Kenya. Among the best sceneries we have in the country […]

Lake naivasha family safaris

Lake Naivasha Family Safaris Packages We all thrive because of the families behind us.  In fact we ought succeed in life because of them. as a strong believer in Families, that is why we have come up with lake Naivasha Family Safaris packages. it doe not matter how old is your family and how extended […]

Honeymoon Safaris

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Flying Mombasa tours

Mombasa Flying Packages If you cant walk to Mombasa, then you should Fly! Its the fastest way to get to enjoy Mombasa few minutes after leaving your work place in Nairobi! This package is designed to people like you who value time. Flying Mombasa packages maximises your time in the Beach hotel with its facilities […]

SGR Mombasa tours

SGR Mombasa Tours Holidays Packages. Mombasa has remained being a top number one travel list to many Kenyans and since the construction of the Sgr train by Kenya Railways, Many Kenyans find themselves to Mombasa easily. That is why we have designed this package known as SGR Mombasa Tours by the best tour company Bamm […]

Honeymoon Mombasa tours

Upon Check in, All the Honeymooners will receive: Fruits/ Flower Basket in the Rooms, A Bottle of Sparkling Wine, A Double Bed, Full Board Accommodation in a Honeymoon Suite, Breakfast served in Bed every Morning.

Mombasa tours

MOMBASA CITY TOUR  We will pick you from your hotel and take you out to see Mombasa City Tour. This half day Mombasa tour aims to make sure you interact with the locals as well as their traditions. Your Walking Safari through Mombasa includes visits to Mombasa Old Town, Fort Jesus, Food and Spice Market, […]

Samburu mashujaa tours

Amboseli mashujaa tours

Mashujaa Day Group Joining safari Lodge A A Lodge 18,625 Amboseli Serena Camp Amboseli Sopa Lodge 25,675 Kibo Safari Camp 23,625 Kilima Luxury Lodge 29,625 Ol Tukai Lodge 27,835 Sentrim Amboseli Lodge 24,000 Starting From as low as 17,999 Per Person Sharing,   Price Includes: Full Board Accommodation Comprehensive Game Drives Within Amboseli National Reserve […]

Masai Mara Mashujaa Tours

Mashujaa Day Weekend Holiday Safari Packages. Have you ever wanted to go to Masai MAra During a Mashujaa Day Holiday? We have a package for you. Take advantage of the long weekend during the Mashujaa Day Holiiday Long Weekend! Get your Travel buddies, For a minimum of 8 people sharing in our Modern, Comfy Safari […]

Christmas Amboseli tours

Group Joining Christmas Holidays Packages   A A Lodge 24,250 Kilima Luxury Lodge 28,750 Kibo Safari Camp 29,750 Sentrim Amboseli Lodge 30,150 Amboseli Sopa Lodge 34,550   Price Includes: Full Board Accommodation Comprehensive Game Drives Within Amboseli National Reserve Services Of A Professional Tour Guide or Driver Transport from Nairobi using our Modern, Comfy Tour safari […]

Christmas Samburu tours

Early Bird Christmas Group Joining Safaris Offers Lodge Prices  Sarova Shaba 22,750 Ashnil Samburu Camp 26,250 Samburu Sentrim lodge 30,150 Samburu Sopa Lodge 32,800 Prices are per person Sharing. The above prices includes Transport From Nairobi to Samburu and back using our comfy and  modern safari vans,  Full Board Accommodation to any of the above […]

Christmas Masai Mara tours

Early Bird Group Joining Christmas Packages Offers.   Budget Camps 15,000 Sarova Game Camp 44,750 Ol Moran 18750 Siana Springs 26,250 Sentrim Masai Mara 27,650 Fig-Tree 30,750 Sopa Lodge 31550 Masai Mara Leisure Camp 32,250 AA lodge 35,350 Keekorok lodge 41,250 Prices are per person Sharing minimum 8 people in our Modern and Comfy Tour […]

Samburu corporate Safaris

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Private Family Samburu Tours

Private Family Samburu Tours

Honeymoon samburu tours

Honey Moon Packages prices per Person Sharing Lodge Price 1 Sarova Shaba 38,499 2 Ashnil Samburu Camp 40,499 3 Samburu Sentrim lodge 40,899 4 Samburu Simba Lodge 41,499 5 Samburu Sopa Lodge 42,549 6 Elephant bedroom 58,499 The above prices includes Transport From Nairobi to Samburu and back using our comfy and modern safari vans, […]

Samburu tours

Samburu Tours Group Joining Safaris as from July to October 2019 2 nights 3 Days Samburu Tours   Group Joining Packages Lodge Peak Rates  Ashnil Samburu Camp 24,750 Samburu Sentrim lodge 25,150 Samburu Simba Lodge 25,750 Samburu Sopa Lodge 26,800 Sarova Shaba 22,750   The Above is Per Person Sharing The above prices includes Transport […]

Corporate Amboseli safaris

Corporate Amboseli Tours Safaris Why Corporate Tours? Occasionally, there comes a time when organisations both small or big needs to treat its loyal employees or customers into a safari getaway to Amboseli National Park. When this plans fall in place, best tour company comes in  handy. We will walk with you from choosing the best […]

Honeymoon Amboseli tours

Honeymoon Amboseli Tours hshshs

Family Amboseli Tours

Private Family Amboseli Tours Its everyone’s dream to occasionally take his or her family out on a holiday experience. When that dream comes, think Amboseli family tour holidays for your family. While we have tours to other destinations in Kenya, Amboseli quenches the thirst for a holiday maker. Family amboseli tours fits all members of […]

3 days 2 nights amboseli tours

3 Days 2 Nights Amboseli Tours You love Amboseli National Park, why lie? We want to go there, but we keep procrastinating. If this sounds like you, dont worry. That is why we are here for you. This package is specially designed to ensure that you and your family or Friends gets to enjoy Amboseli […]

Masai Mara elderly couple tours

Elderly Parents Masai Mara Packages Prices 1 Rhino Tourist Camp 59,000 2 Ol Moran 69,000 3 Siana Springs 81,000 4 Sentrim Masai Mara 81,800 5 Simba Oryx 87,000 6 Masai Mara Leisure Camp 88,000 7 Sopa Lodge 88,600 8 Figtree 93,000 9 AA lodge 102,200 10 Sarova Game Camp 109,000 11 Ashnil Masai mara camp […]

Masai Mara Team Building Safaris

Masai Mara Team Building Safaris Are you looking for the best tour company to take your staff, Colleagues, Church Mates, Chama Group or investments groups for a Team Building activities in Masai Mara? Well if yes, then you are at the right place. Below are our packages through out the year. if you want to […]

Masai Mara Honeymoon Tours

Honeymoon Masai Mara Packages Prices per couple 1 Rhino Tourist Camp 59,000 2 Ol Moran 69,000 3 Siana Springs 81,000 4 Sentrim Masai Mara 81,800 5 Simba Oryx 87,000 6 Masai Mara Leisure Camp 88,000 7 Sopa Lodge 88,600 8 Figtree 93,000 9 AA lodge 102,200 10 Sarova Game Camp 109,000 11 Ashnil Masai mara […]

Private family Masai Mara safaris

Family packages  Peak Rates 2 adults + kid less 2 yrs 2 adults + kid less than 12 yrs sharing 2 Adults + kid in own room less 12yrs Rhino Tourist Camp 59,000 66,000 69,500 Ol Moran 69,000 75,400 87,000 Siana Springs 81,000 90,000 108,000 Sentrim Masai Mara 81,800 100,200 109,400 Simba Oryx 87,000 108,000 […]

3 days 2 night Masai Mara tours

GROUP JOINING SAFARIS. Minimum 8 People Low Season Easter Season Peak Season High Season Christmas 2019 March- June 19-22/4/2019 JULY – OCT NOV-20 DEC 2019 25 DEC-3 JAN 2020 Rhino Tourist Camp 14,999 14,999 14,999 14,999 14,999 Ol-Moran 15,700 15,700 17,700 17,700 20,700 Siana Springs 17,900 20,900 25,700 20,900 28,700 Sentrim 19,700 23,700 25,950 22,200 […]

14 Seater Van For Hire

14 Seater Van for Hire Ever since Michuki rules were introduced on our Kenyans roads, it reduced the number of people travelling in a mini van from 18 to 14 seater vans. So whenever many Kenyans get private functions, They mostly hire our 14 Seater Van for hire for this simple reason! Whether it is [...]

Executive Tours

20+ Seater Bus

  About 25 Seater Rosa Bus The Rosa bus is a luxurious 25 seater bus great for corporate tours. It’s ideal when you would like to carry more passengers. Typically, tours around Kenya –also offered by Bamm Tours and Safaris employ three type of vehicles; the Van, Toyota Land Cruiser and the Rosa bus 25 […]

Prado For Hire

Toyota Prado For Hire? We have a saying that says, Toyota Prado was built specifically for Kenya or is it that Kenya was created for Toyota Prado for hire? Anyway, Toyota Prado combines both luxury and performance. if you wish to cover most of parts in Kenya by Road, Prado is the most preferred and [...]

Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard For Hire Nairobi Kenya Are you looking for a Toyota Alphard or Vellfire for hire Kenya? Well, Bamm Tours and Safaris is the right place. We have a number of Toyota Alphard and Vellfire vans for hire Kenya. This means that we can handle your request for these type of vehicles anytime and [...]

Tour Van For Hire

Tour Van For Hire Kenya Are Looking for the Best Tour Company Kenya to hire a Tour Van to take you to either Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu or any other part of the country in Kenya? Well, Your search needs to end here and now! because you have now landed on the exact place for [...]

Toyota Noah For Hire

Toyota Noah For Hire Many are times when individuals feels to travel together as one, Toyota Noah for hire comes to fulfil the purpose of a group of  7 people travelling together. These vehicle, Toyota Noah for hire carries 7 people. So be it you are travelling with your family or you are travelling as [...]

Toyota Rav 4 For Hire

Toyota Rav 4 For Hire Whether you are a local Kenyan or a foreigner thinking of experiencing Kenya in a 4 wheel drive but cannot afford toyota prado for hire, simply ask for Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Vanguard or Toyota Rav 4 for hire from the best car hire company. Whether you are travelling personal purposes [...]

Salon Car

Salon Car For Hire Sometimes as a traveler, both local and foreigner, one needs to travel in within a budget, You would mostly prefer using a Salon car for your daily meetings in Nairobi and not a very big vehicle! It can either be a station wagon car for hire Nairobi or a basically a [...]

Labour day Safaris

Christmas Packages

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Jamhuri Safaris

Mashujaa Safaris

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August Holidays Tours

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Wildebeest Migration

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Eid Al Fitr

Madaraka Safaris

Easter offers

Top Hot Holidays Deal for  Spending your Easter Weekend 2019  Easter 2019 is here wish us again! For those who are still searching on where to go this Easter, Kenya has plenty of options where you can spend enjoyable moments with your family and have a blissful Easter weekend! As the best Tour company Kenya, […]


Masai Mara tours

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Tsavo Tours

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Weekend Getaways

Introducing Bamm tours Weekend Getaways Whenever you fell like you need to take a break from the city, consider this Weekend Getaways from the best tour company Kenya Bamm Tours as options for a quick escape from Nairobi. After just some few minutes drive from the city you are there enjoying a queen size bed […]

Hells gate

Watamu Beach

Lake Elementaita Tours

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Samburu Tours

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Kereita Adventures

KEREITA FOREST ZIP-LINING CHALLENGE Due to public demand recently, we have introduced Kereita Forest Zip-lining experience every weekend on Saturdays to suit our growing customers needs. Whether you have a corporate event that seeks an adventurous for the fun loving people, Kereita forest is the lace for you. You dont have to drive far away from […]

Lake Naivasha Tours

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Mt Kenya region tours

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Amboseli Tours

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Lake Nakuru Tours

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Mombasa Packages

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Nairobi City Tours

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Toyota Land Cruiser for in hire Kenya

Toyota Land Cruiser for in hire Kenya When it comes to safari tours in Kenya, there is nothing closer to the Toyota land cruiser performance! It has been tested for the African roads and you’ll get through any terrain. Of course, Kenyan safaris such as through the African Savannahs are rough roads on steroids. As […]

Tours and Travel

That Kenya is a beautiful country is not news. The country is blessed with numerous natural resources. Some of these include tourists attractions such as  the world famous 8th wonder of the world –the wildebeest migrations. Thus this allows us to be among the best tour company Kenya. That said Kenyans have developed a love […]

Vehicle hires

Car hire Kenya incorporates a number of vehicles depending on the clients need. Bamm Tours and Safari Limited offers different type of vehicles. The most popular are the tour vehicles such as the off road beasts or the larger buses popular with corporate travelers. Alternatively, local and international tourists request for guided tours with our […]

Travel Insurance

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