About 25 Seater Rosa Bus

The Rosa bus is a luxurious 25 seater bus great for corporate tours. It’s ideal when you would like to carry more passengers. Typically, tours around Kenya –also offered by Bamm Tours and Safaris employ three type of vehicles; the Van, Toyota Land Cruiser and the Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya. The Rosa bus 25 seater comes loaded with air conditioning and every other amenity that subscribe to luxurious travelling. On a corporate Safari you can have a luxurious travel using the Rosa bus 25 seater. There are two types of corporate safaris: corporate adventures and corporate team building or conferencing. Each of these corporate safaris require a form of transportation.

That’s where the Rosa bus 25 seater comes in with enough space to carry 25 passenger. If the number is higher you can supplement with a van or even another Rosa bus. Bamm Tours and Safaris offer Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya at affordable prices. Our buses are always in good condition to ensure we maintain pristine condition while tourists/passengers are in transit. Of course the Rosa bus 25 seater comes with comfort-ability attached to it. The interiors are perfect for luxurious travelling while the air conditioning makes the travel more enjoyable.


Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya

When a group of people wish to travel from one point to another it becomes easier to use Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya. For example, when a company wishes to take their employees to a team building experience in Naivasha from Nairobi they will most probably use a Rosa Bus 25 seater. There are a few features that make the Rosa bus a popular mode of travel among Kenya corporate staff.

  • They are luxurious
  • They come with air conditioning
  • They can navigate most Kenyan roads at ease.
  • They are affordable

Why Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya?

Let’s look at why you need to hire a rosa bus 25 seater from Bamm Tours and Safaris.

Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya are luxurious

One of the differences between the Rosa bus 25 seater and locally assembled buses is the level of comfortability and luxuriousness they come with. They have really comfortable seats and even well-conditioned interiors and functioning air conditioning systems. There is always a big problem associated with travelling through normal locally assembled buses. They usually have squeezed seats which are not comfortable. However, the Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya is the direct opposite.

25 seater Rosa Bus comes with great Air conditioning

I know someone might be wondering why air conditioning is very crucial in country such as Kenya. Well, Kenya is in the tropics and weathers can get really harsh especially in the drier areas the country. Imagine going on a tour in many parts of the rift valley? It can get really hot! But with Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya you are sorted.

Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya are built for Kenyan roads

The Rosa bus 25 seater have been modeled to easily navigate Kenyan roads. They can easily switch from urban streets of Nairobi to the wild nature of the Masai Mara or even Mwingi in Ukambani. Therefore, you do not have to worry about hiring a vehicle that can’t navigate some of Kenyan roads with the right momentum. So if by now you have not been impressed to take Rosa bus 25 seater for Hire Kenya then you should continue reading for more!

Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya are affordable

Affordability is a great concern for most people. And we have taken that in consideration when hiring our buses out! If you factor in the various conditions, installments the Rosa bus 25 seater for hire comes with then you realize that what we are charging is a bargain. You can always hire a Rosa bus 25 seater from Bamm tours and Safaris for your corporate event or tour. If you wish to hire a Rosa bus you can always contact us through our contacts.

For Bookings, Kindly Call or Whatsapp us on +254 712 004 003 or write to us info@bammtours.co.ke and one of our staff will gladly book you a Rosa 25 seater bus


How to Book for a 25 Seater Rosa Bus.
Book Online Here; https://www.bammtours.co.ke/product-category/bus/

Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya is the best way to travel. When you wish to travel with Bamm Tours and Safaris simply book with us and we will set the bus ready for travel. The booking should be done a few days before so that we can check availability of the Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya. Bamm Tours and Safaris offer Rosa bus 25 seater for hire Kenya for various clientele all over Kenya. In addition to the Rosa Bus 25 seater for hire Kenya we will book the tours and hotels for you. The only thing you have to do is wait for the travel day.

  1. Make your order by either: Call / Whatsapp/ SMS +254712004003 or Email us info@bammtours.co.ke
    Tell us the following details: Dates of Travel, including Number of Days of travel.
    2. Your travel Destination/ Places you are planning to visit
    3. Your pick up Point,
    4. Any other special needs or considerations.
  2. Bamm Tours responds to your inqury with a comprehensive Quotation.
  3. Once you approve the Quotation, we send you the pictures of our modern 22 seater bus
  4. You select your favourite bus of your choice,
  5. We send you an Invoice
  6. You send a 20% commitment fee, for the reservations purposes.
  7. We will send you the number for our Driver so that you can give him any other directions that there may be.
  8. Vehicle arrives early in the morning, You confirm that its good for your team and that its the one we promised.
  9. You clear the balance via Mpesa or Bank Transfer:


    1. MPESA (BUY GOODS & SERVICES) 49-67-57 

     2. EQUITY BANK Paybill Number 76-37-66;       Account Number 0766-99 72-01.

    3.  All Corporate Cheques Addressed to BAMM TOURS & SAFARIS LTD.

  10. You are fre to start your Journey to your destination with our modern, Clean and comfortable 22 seater bus for hire!
  11. Last but not least, You write a review telling us how the trip was. Thank you very much.


Today’s Story (28 seater Coaster Bus For Hire)

So, our longtime customer has woken me up today with a distress call begging me to quickly arrange for their transportation to northern part of Kenya in a place called Samburu. He forgot to ask me to make prior arrangements. first of all, i asked him to relax since with the best tour company Kenya, there is nothing difficult to us when it comes to delivering! True to my words and to his surprise, we managed to gather him 4 of our coaster buses for hire with just 2 hours in the morning! can you believe that? right now as we are talking, they are already past Nanyuki town! why dont you surprise us with your need for buses for hire in Nairobi Kenya! we promise not to fail you!

Hire our 28 seater coaster buses for hire today. Make a phone call now. welcome

22 seater bus for hire stories continues…

We have known Bamm tours and safaris ltd for the last 5 years and we highly recommend their excellent services to anyone who may require their services. their 22 seater buses are always on top of the others, their pricing of 33 seater Rosa buses are pocket friendly. The driver who drive their 25 seater Coaster buses are courteous, helpful and very careful on the road. Drivers normally do all the tedious work climbing up the carrier to put up our suitcases. Hire the buses you need from Bamm tours, the best tour company Kenya.

……. Another successful story by one of our happy clients

I dont know how i can thank Bamm Tours for the help that you offered today! So, our travel agent had booked us on the Morning Train to Mombasa but had told everyone in the office that it was in the afternoon only for him to call each one of us in the morning and tell us that the Train was in deed leaving in the morning and not in the afternoon as we had earlier  been communicated. he had tried to rush us to the SGR Syokimau but we arrived late. we searched on the internet for the bus to take us to Mombasa and we found Bamm Tours. They responded quickly and we made it to be in Mombasa by Evening! Whats more we actually ended up staying with the bus in our entire stay with the help of your amazing driver Patrick! Wherever you think of hiring a rosa bus, always think of Bamm Tours. Thank You Bamm!….. Veronica Kamau

As iam writing this, i personally do not know where to start telling the story because it was on Moi day eves, 10/10/2019, we made a distress call to Mr Francis who picked up the phone, We explained that we needed 4 buses to take our students to Nakuru the next day in the morning. We had earlier been disappointed by another supplier who i will not mention here. I gained confidence after talking to him and i authorised my Accountant to send the balance to hold the buses for hire for us. Next day as early as 6, guess who woke me up? its Francis telling me that all the 4 22 Seater busses have arrived at our school! I couldnt believe it! Ofcourse i hurriedly prepared myself and left to the school. I met Francis and his team of Drivers. We had a great Journey on our Daytrip to Nakuru. The buses were Very New, Modern, clean and well maintained. Bothe my students and teachers enjoyed riding in them. i wouldnt hesitate anyone to recomend bus for hire at Bamm tours run by Francis. Good Job Bro. – Abdikadil Horizon College





You can easily hire the vehicle from us at affordable prices! You can easily reach us through our phone number

CALL/ WHATSAPP/ SMS +254 712 004 003 or email info@bammtours.co.ke 

Book Online’: https://www.bammtours.co.ke/product-category/bus/