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Occasionally or frequently (depending on the purpose) Kenyans hire a high-end vehicles range of cars for a special occasion. Typically, they are looking for Prado for hire Kenya for weddings, private functions, or perhaps impress on a date or networking event. Understandably, Prados are one of the cheaper option luxurious vehicles offer by most car hire companies. It is a luxurious studious and versatile vehicle. Lovers of its build prefer to refer to it as a ‘machine’. The Prado for hire Kenya offered by Bamm tours come in different shapes and sizes. We also present them in different colors.

Prados can either be in diesel or petrol. Some are in black, white, silver or any other color available during the time of hiring. We advise clients to book their vehicle in advance because we do not do self-drive. When they book their vehicles we can easily provide them with the relevant information concerning the Prado for hire Kenya.

Why Prado for hire Kenya?

Obviously, the Toyota brand is a very popular vehicle in Kenya. Similarly, the Toyota Prado has won many hearts among Kenyans. They love its general appeal and its performance, especially in the off-road sector. Even though Toyota Prados are meant to be 7 seaters, we advise clients to use it as 5 seaters especially if they are traveling upcountry to rough terrain and bad roads. The choice between petrol and diesel depends on the clients. For instance, a couple might prefer a petrol Prado for their wedding because of less noise.

However, another person might book a diesel Prado because of the less consumption. As you can see from the pricing, the fuel is up to the traveler. The charges listed are exclusive of the fuel price. After all, it’s up to the traveler to decide on the distance traveled. Also, the price is set per single day. In other arrangements, personalized pricing shall be agreed upon.

Reliable Prado for hire Kenya

One of the concerns we have gotten from our clients is the aspect of the reliability of the services and vehicles. We also ensure clients before they take up Prado for hire Kenya of unconditional reliability. Therefore, they get to enjoy the services we offer as a car hire tour company.

Bamm tours and safari is a tour company offering highly personalized travel experiences to enthusiastic people. You should try our services if you haven’t already!


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