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If you are reading this now, you most likely have learned about us through the Google search engine. Typically, you are on the right page that offers plenty and only the best, Toyota Prado Car Hire Nairobi Kenya. Therefore, go ahead and hit our dial, below the page. We will be honored to serve you today. Welcome. Simply Call/sms/ Whatsapp: 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615.


Cars for hire.

prado car hireBasically, there are many types of cars available for hire in Nairobi. But, there’s a strange reason that makes many people specifically prefer Toyota Prado Car hire Nairobi today. One of the reasons is that this vehicle combines both Class and superiority in a sporty and 4by4 Wheel drive vehicle. Whatsmore, we hire it out affordably to Kenyans. Whether you need it as a wedding car for hire, executive, prestige, and luxury cars for hire, Prado is the car to go for!

Car hire near me.

When it comes to Car hire Kenya, distance has never been an issue, especially when you are hiring from Nairobi. For instance, if you need a Prado car hire Nairobi and you live in Donholm, Our team, after verifying your personal details, will deliver a car to you asap. So, next time you are looking for car hire near me, just have that behind your mind.

Car hire companies in Nairobi.

There are very many car hire companies in Nairobi today. As a customer, you have to ask yourself one question. Who do you trust for your car hire or rental needs? Bamm Tours has for some time been ranked one of the best car hire companies in Nairobi especially to get a Toyota Prado Car hire from.


Budget car hire Nairobi.

prado car hire nairobiNobody has ever said that getting a car for hire needs to be an expensive affair. Nowadays, because of Covid-19, we have since lowered the cost of hiring cars. For example, earlier on, you could get a Toyota Prado for hire at $150, currently, we are offering the same at $130 Per day. Proudly, we can state that we have the best budget car hire services in Nairobi. Try us out today!


4×4 hire Nairobi.

Toyota Prado Car Hire Nairobi is one of the best 4by4 Hire Nairobi. Actually, there’s no vehicle that beats it when it comes to 4 wheel drive affairs. Whether you are looking for muddy or rough terrain, Toyota Prado for hire Nairobi is the vehicle to go for any time!

Noah for hire Nairobi Olx.

We have had this discussion before in our other articles. Why would someone go looking for a Toyota Noah for hire in Nairobi Olx while we have it here at Bamm Tours? Now that you know about us, am sure you will not go anywhere else to get it from. Mostly if your group exceeds 5 passengers, that the time you go for a Toyota Noah for hire Nairobi, otherwise just stick with Prado car hire Nairobi.

Prado Rent per day.

Wedding Cars for hire NairobiYou may be asking yourself this question ever since we opened our discussion. However, as the rates may vary depending on your assignment, it starts from $130 per day with a chauffeur excluding fuel. We prefer giving out our Prados empty tank and you return it empty tank due to some unexplainable reasons. but, we prefer fuelling in either at Total Petrol Station or Shell Petrol station since these are the major petrol outlets with clean fuel.

Landcruiser hire Nairobi.

When it comes to doing a game drive, for example in either Masai Mara or Nairobi National park, we do not recommend the use of a Toyota Prado Car hire Nairobi. rather, we recommend the use of a Toyota Land Cruiser for hire. the latter is a 4by4, as the name suggests, and is basically customized for this type of work. Whatsmore, we give it out with a professional tour guide to make sure you get to see all the animals inside the park! Lastly, we have it in stock waiting for you to make your booking today!


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