One of a special offering by Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited in its quest to maintain the tag of the Best tour company Kenya is the Nyama Choma tours. Well, Nyama Choma directly translated means roasted meat. In essence, the Nyama choma tours is like a localized barbeque. In Kenya the barbeque is a family affair with a twist. Unlike in first world countries the animal is slaughtered by the locals. In recent years the culture has changed especially with the high cost of living. Now even the locals have to source for animals (usually goats or sheeps) from the small scale farmers located a few kilomters from the capital Nairobi.

The Nyama Choma tour takes place in Kiambu County about 15 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya. This tour is encompassing and quite engaging. The tourists with the best tour company Kenya involve themselves with the process. It’s exhilarating to say the least and those tourists that have taken a Nyama choma tour definitely come back in the nest year. One qualities of the Nyama choma tours is the fact that it’s uniquely engaging tour. Secondly, the tourist get to engage with the locals and get an authentically African meal preparation process that helps them to learn so much as well.

The tour is targeted to both locals and foreign tourists. The foreigners indulge themselves with the process since it’s an entirely new experience for them. The adult Kenyan generation has at least had an experience slaughtering a goat or sheep for festivities or cultural occasions. It is customary to slaughter an animal in most occasions such as family blessings, weddings, initiations and so on. However, the practice is diminishing as most park of the country urbanize. In addition, the affairs have increasingly become costlier because of the scarcity of the animals to slaughter.

The younger urban generation might have missed this experience especially if they don’t regularly visit their kinsmen in the villages. This tour organized by the best tour company Kenya can be a breath of fresh air for such people. It’s our job to ensure that the tourists enjoy as much as possible.

We always enjoy sharing this experience with our guests and you too should try the Nyama choma tours with Bamm tours and Safaris Limited!