Coaster Bus for Hire Nairobi Kenya

The bus Offers a comparative room and solace to the 22 passengers. At the same time, the minibus is dependable and provides a bit more space for additional travelers. 

The following feature is what you get with a coaster bus for Hire Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Travelers – 22
  • Drive – Manual/ Automatic
  • Highlights – All age traveler safety belts


  • 22 seater coaster bus for Hire Kenya or comparative


On the off chance that you need an excellent size vehicle for shipping a massive gathering of individuals, then the 22-seater is one the most significant vehicle we have for hire. We offer space for up to 14 travelers just as room for different things. The 22-seater minibus is a dependable decision for those gathering trips. The hiring of a Toyota Coaster for hire Nairobi Kenya 22-seater or comparative beginnings from an affordable price for a one-day or couple of days rental, including conveyance and assortment

Buses for hire Kenya

Ever since our cour gained freedom, there has been an increase in public transportation, year in year out. Masses of people continue to hire buses for their private functions such as dowry, weddings, funeral name it. 

14 seater for hire Kenya

At times, when the number of persons traveling to a special occasion is less than 15, We advise hiring our own 14 seater vans instead of the Toyota Coaster bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

bus hire services.

There are quite a number of private companies that conduct Toyota coaster bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya for example among other companies amongst Bamm tours.

18 seater for hire.

In Kenya, Toyota has not been able to produce an 18-seater van for hire, so if you need to source for an 18 seater, we recommend using a Mercedes model that offers the same comfort as a coaster for hire in Nairobi.

Safari van Kenya.

By the way, it is good to note at this point that the Toyota coaster bus is not ideal for doing game drives. whenever you need a bus or a van to do a game drive like in Nairobi National Park, we advise hiring our safari vans that have 2 categories. either a Tour Van  or A Safari Land Cruiser 

Kenya Bus Hire.

It’s good to remember that there was a time that our Kenyan Government used to be involved in public transportation and they had buses named ‘Kenya Bus’. However, due to mismanagement, this Bus company collapsed and was wiped out. Nowadays people prefer hiring of a coaster bus for their travels.

Car Hire Nairobi with a driver.

If you are new in Kenya, you may require to hire a car with a private driver all to yourself. At Bamm Tours, we have the best cars for hire, driven by professional drivers who, not only know Nairobi like the palm of their hand but will take good care of you and show what Nairobi has to offer. both in terms of scenery, people, buildings as well as cultural activities.

Shuttle Hire Nairobi.

It’s unfortunate to say that Nairobi as a capital City of Kenya does not have an organized Metrol or Shuttles for public use. If you need the most efficient, convenient public travel, we advise you to hire a Coaster bus.

Tour Van Hire Nairobi.

Should you need to hire a tour van to go to Masai Mara,  kindly talk to us and let us know whether you need to hire a Tour Van or a Toyota Land cruiser depending on your budget and the level of comfort you need for your safari

Bus Price in Kenya.

Bus pricing in Nairobi depends on various factors like the distance from Nairobi, The number of People traveling, the number of days you need to travel, and so on. therefore, the price of a coaster bus will be different from a seater van, a tour van, a 33 seater bus, or even a 50 seater bus. Always inquire from the office whenever you need a quote.


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