Why 14 Seater Van For Hire Nairobi

In order to answer this question, why you need to hire a 14 seater van for hire from us, Let’s suppose you and your travel party want to travel in comfort and style and still have plenty of room for your luggage, a 14-passenger van for hire Kenya is the perfect solution for you.

Consequently, whether you need it for a family occasion, for example, Dowry or Burial functions, or For Corporate functions, for instance, a Team-building trip with co-workers or friends, you and all of your equipment will fit comfortably into one of these convenient 14 seater van for hire.

14 seater matatu for hire

14 seater vans are popularly referred to as Matatus here in Kenya. Matatu has been a common mode of transport since the 90s after the government privatized the transport industry. They used to carry a crazy number of passengers that I will not speak about here. However, there was once an appointed Transport Minister by the name of John Michuki who made the law clear that all matatus should carry a maximum of 14 passengers. Operators never took it seriously until they noted that he was not joking. so all the minivan matatus you see today are 14 seaters.

14 seater for hire.

Kenyans Matatus has a yellow stripe, uncomfortable seats, bad customer services, untidy among other negative effects. That is why Bamm Tours ensures that when you hire a private 14 seater van for hire, you get quality, clean, and modern vans for hire. They have reclining seats which is ideal for long-distance travel. We provide free mineral drinking water as an add-on. Our drivers are professionals. We cross boundaries and we are not restricted by local rules of operating at a certain route.


Toyota Hiace for hire in Kenya.

Africans grew with this slogan, “Every car you see in front of you is always a Toyota!“ Needless to say, that all our 14 seater vans for hire Nairobi Kenya are Toyotas and Toyota Hiace to be specific.

33 seater matatu for hire.

At times, the number of travelers may increase, instead of hiring two 14 seater vans for hire, your group can opt to hire a bigger bus. We have in stock; 22 seater bus, 33 seater bus for hire, 44 seater bus, and 51 Seater buses for hire. Always, get in touch with us for all the options.

Coaster bus for hire Kenya

As we earlier said, you will never fail to spot a Toyota vehicle in front of you. So, we have Toyota Coaster Bus For Hire in Kenya anytime you would want. We have discussed this in our other blogs. This bus is ideal for any number of people that exceeds a need for a 14 seater van for hire.

Transport for hire Kenya.

Bamm tours remain to be the best transport-for-hire company in Kenya. You need it, we’ve got it! For all types of chauffeured vehicles for hire.

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14 seater van for hire Nairobi