Land Cruiser For Hire Kenya

Now the question arises while getting a land cruiser for hire Kenya from Bamm tours and safari limited? The short answer is that we believe will give you the best package at the most affordable pricing. Because, well we are Bamm tours and have perfected the art of tour vehicles hire! However, we have created this post to give you some solid points you can rely on before you hire the vehicles from us.  You get the following;

  • Experience
  • Affordability
  • Comfort
  • Great customer service

Experience with a Toyota Landcruiser for hire in Kenya

Bamm tours is experienced in the hire of a Toyota land cruiser Kenya. We have been in the tour business since 2010 and we’ve almost perfected the art itself. In addition to the vehicle presentations during tours, we got qualified drivers to boot! We’d hate to appear as if we are bragging but we have traveled the Kenyan Savannahs for the longest time now.


Needless to say, everyone is looking for a bargain! Similarly, people are looking for the best bargain in land cruisers for hire Kenya. And we have committed to our core beliefs that the customer needs to be satisfied by the price we are offering. Of course, our repeat customers have experienced this first hand. This happens every time they hire a land cruiser for hire Kenya.


Every time someone is planning a tour, comfort is at top of the list! We know that and we make it a priority to ensure the vehicles we hire are comfortable as ever. The vehicles recline in the right postures while we add refreshments to make the journey more interesting.

Great customer service

We don’t just offer customer service, we offer great customer service! We have learned how to treat our clients because of the desired effect we need to reciprocate. When you hire our land cruiser for hire Kenya we will walk with you every step of the way. That is music to every prospective customer’s year.   That said, we’d; love our land cruiser for hire in Nairobi Kenya to take you to your safari today! You can call us or send an email now! We will send you the rates for the vehicles hire.

You can easily hire a vehicle from us at affordable prices! You can easily reach us through our phone number +254 712 004 003 or 0743 142 615


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Land Cruiser For Hire

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