Toyota Hilux for hire Kenya

Out of all the vehicles that Toyota has ever produced, Toyota Hilux for hire kenya remains to be the best and most preferred vehicle for project management in Kenya. Bamm Tours understands this with the greatest keenness and that is why we focus on hiring the double cab for you. Of course, we also have other vehicles for hire.


Double Cab for Hire in Kenya

It does not really matter where your next project is. Our team is able to organize a Toyota Hilux Double Cab for hire in any part of Kenya. Definitely, our main office is based in Nairobi. But what I mean is, You hire it here, use it there! So, you are not limited in terms of using it in other parts of Kenya.


Toyota Hilux double cab for hire.

This vehicle, as I had earlier discussed, is primarily used by young engineers who need to get going. Apart from Toyota Hilux Double Cab for hire, we also have in stock other types of cars available for hire. Other customers prefer to hire Toyota Land Cruiser or a Tour Van since both models are 4by4 Wheel-drive cars for hire. Others prefer mini Suvs for example Nissan Xtrail, Toyota Rav4, or Vanguard. A small number opt for a Toyota Prado For Hire. They are all in stock

Car Hire with Driver Nairobi

If there is a safe mode of hiring vehicles in Nairobi, it is a car hire with a driver. More so, if you are hiring a Toyota Hilux. Though we hire it as a self-drive, we encourage Chauffeured. We only consider Self Drive when it is a long-term contract. There are many advantages of car hire with a driver in Nairobi. We have discussed this in our other articles herein.

4by4 Car Hire Kenya Nairobi

Nairobi, in general, has many operators rendering 4by4 car hire services in Kenya. Our Company Bamm Tours remains the best to hire vehicles from. Our aim is to make sure everyone travels across the East Africa region; comfortably, conveniently, safely, and affordably.

Self-drive Car Hire.

The business of Self-drive car hire services in Nairobi is coupled with many challenges that operators have been unable to counter. it remains a big challenge in many African countries due to security concerns, mostly carjackings. Car hire with a driver or Chauffeur is highly recommended

Online Car Hire.

In as much as Car hire companies have websites, there has never been a fully functional online car hire. This is due to the fact that customers need to first see, test, and verify the car before making any payments. Contrary to that, we have Toyota Hilux Double Cab for hire and you can book online. We will deliver the vehicle to you for tests and contract agreements before making my payments.


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