Toyota Hilux for hire Kenya

No vehicle beats the performance of Toyota Hilux For Hire in Kenya, especially in Projects Management. This car is mostly preferred by young and energetic engineers to undertake their construction projects here in Kenya. It is the only car you will find handling well projects such as; road construction, railway, dams among others.

Double Cabin for hire in Nairobi

Many companies understand that it is always cheaper to hire a Double Cab than it is to own one. We have discussed the great benefits of hiring than owning in our other blogs. Whenever corporates hire our Toyota Hilux, We take care of all the maintenance costs while they focus on their projects.

Double Cab for hire in Kenya.

It does not really matter where in Kenya you have your projects. This is to say, that irrespective of the location of your site, we are able to deliver you a Toyota Hilux Double Cab for hire

Hiring a Driver in Kenya

All of our Toyota Hilux double cab for hire are hired with a driver and not on self-drive. This model has many advantages since our driver is the one liable for any risks involved in our vehicles and not your company. However, should you require a self-drive mode, do get in touch with us. We may consider it mostly when it is on a long-term basis.

Car Hire with Driver Nairobi

There has been an increase in car hire with a driver lately in Nairobi. Companies have since realized its benefits. When they hire a Toyota Hilux Double Cab, they take it with a driver. Therefore, this means that the company concentrates on its major job, while the driver concentrates on driving them well. Bamm Tours concentrates on the maintenance of the vehicle, the insurance, and the service. You see, everyone does the job he’s best in.

Online Car Hire

Car hire in Nairobi has been evolving so much that people can actually hire vehicles online. For example. Bamm Tours has an online car hire shop. Apart from Self-drive vehicles that require a car hire company to verify the customers’ details before renting them out. that calls for the manual way of doing things. A lot has to be done to ensure a complete 100% online car of Toyota Hilux Double cab car hire in Nairobi Kenya.


Land Rover Hire Kenya.

Europeans seem to love Land Rovers but in Kenya, we majorly have the Toyota Land cruiser for hire. For some reason, we seem not to understand why Africans prefer the Japan-made vehicle that the European. The Land Cruiser beats the performance and maintenance of the land rover. Nevertheless, consider renting out Toyota Hilux double cab for hire and you will be good to go.

Cost of Hiring a Toyota Hilux Double Cab in Kenya.

Bamm Tours has 2 ways of looking at the prices of hiring a double cab. One is the Short Term. It costs about KES10,000/- or $100 Per day to hire a Toyota Hilux including a Driver. For long-term contracts, always get in touch with us as below.

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