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Lake naivasha day tours

Roughly 90 kilometers from the CBD Lake Naivasha tours offer the best backdrop for a great day outing for family and friends. Lake Naivasha tours have maintained the ideal getaway on a weekday or weekend for family and friends. Also, there are the best time for road trips when you eye Lake Naivasha. The lake offers a number of amenities including resorts and restaurants that guests can enjoy meals in. The most popular activity at Lake Naivasha tours is the boat ride which costs a few hundred shillings. The flora and fauna is wildly attractive and for great viewing. The hell’s gate national park is also not very far from the lake and visitors can get to enjoy a lot around the park.

Lake Naivasha day tours are incredible because they do not affect your normal schedules either or weekdays but mostly on weekends. You can easily head on to the park and enjoy all that the lake has to offer then head on back home to Nairobi or wherever you are coming from. For first time visitors the lake Naivsha tours is great for family or friends bonding. There is a lot of fun for lovers especially when taking a boat ride along the Lake Naivasha tours.

Lake Naivasha is a few kilometers from Naivasha town and it is surrounded by a number of high end and regular resorts. These resorts have different offering. They are different prices in terms of food and accommodations. As Bamm Tours and Safaris we offer a great itinerary for Lake Naivasha day tours. The tours is customized according to the needs of the customer. For instance there are those that require a more flexible itinerary while others require a fixed itinerary. All this is based on what the customers require for their family or/and friends. On a good day you get to see hippos and a number of wild animals that have occupied the lake and the areas surrounding it!
Take a Lake Naivasha tours with Bamm Tours and Safaris today!

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