Tour Van For Hire Kenya

Think of the tour van for hire Kenya as the bold and the beautiful. Well, the juxtaposition comes with the throwback show from the 90’s. But the true Toyota tour van is great for the African Safaris tour. And Bamm Tours and Safaris got it! So the question still remains why should you hire a tour van for hire Kenya by Bamm Tours and Safaris? We have prepared this post to share the truths that come with hiring one from us! You get to enjoy the following when you hire a tour van from Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited;

  • Comfort
  • Professionalism
  • Convenience
  • Great customer service


What is better during a tour than comfort and magnificent beauty to behold? Well, comfort is at the back of every person’s mind when planning a tour. That’s why we give it much prominence as our other factors when hiring out tour van for hire Kenya. There is no doubt that we offer the most comfortable vehicles on this side of the Sahara. Our tour vans come with the state of the art defined, secure comfortability. The best way to begin your journey with us.


Obviously, when professionalism lacks in hiring tour van for hire Kenya people get irritated. We have put measures in place to ensure the process is professionally smooth. That’s a promise we make for all our clients.


The convenience is experienced when you wish to get the best when hiring a tour van for hire Kenya. When you have experienced the most painful method of acquiring a tour vehicle you wish to find the best solution. With Bamm tours, your process will be convenient enough to make you come back again!

Great customer service

Needless to say, every client is searching for a way they can feel someone cares. That’s just how it is with Bamm Tours and Safaris, we offer the best customer services at affordable prices. There is no much to write about this process since we are settled with what we wish to offer our clients. Quality services at an affordable price.

You can easily hire the vehicle from us at affordable prices! You can easily reach us through our phone number +254 712 004 003 or 0743-142-615