The Ark Easter Offer.

Could you be there and you are still searching for a destination on where to spend your Easter Holiday weekend this year and have not yet found out one?
We would like you to consider spending it at the Ark Lodge, thats why we have specifically designed this package Ark Easter offer for you! More especially if you find yourself working in Nairobi through out the day every month, why dont you imagine yourself spending your Easter Holiday in Aberdares ranges?

We all agree that Nairobi has been Hot, Dusty and dry the last couple of days and thats why we deserve a holiday at the aberdares ranges during this Easter Holiday. Come Join us now

You can combine your stay at the Ark Lodge with that of its Sister company, The Aberdares Country Lodge. The results is usually amazing as the feedback we have gotten from our esteemed customers.

Kind Note

Something else to kindly note about this Ark Easter offer is that the above rate is just for the accommodation only per person Sharing in a room.

Kindly inquire about the family rooms for your family depending on their ages.

What you will have to do on this Easter Holiday weekend is you having booked with us in advance, will wake up, fill your car with fuel, drive towards Nyeri County to the Ark Lodge.
As the best tour company, Bamm Tours, we recommend you spend a night at the Ark Lodge  and the other one at the Aberdare country lodge. You will not have to worry about taking yourself to Aberdares Country Lodge if your vehicle does not have 4 Wheel Drive.
The Ark Easter offer Lodge will take good care of you once you book it with us! You will be picked up during Lunch time and transferred to Aberdare Country Club using their four wheel drive vehicles.

How to get there

If you also do not drive, you dont have to worry as we can provide you with a vehicle to drive you to the Ark lodge for your Easter Holiday offer and come back for you on your last day. please if you wold like this option, do not hesitate to inquire.

We also provide our customers with self drive vehicles once they book with us. please inquire which type of a car suits you and your family.

Whatever come may, please join us this Easter holiday weekend to the Ark and Aberdares Country lodge Easter offer. You will be amazed by your decision.