SGR Mombasa Tours Holidays Packages.

Mombasa has remained being a top number one travel list to many Kenyans and since the construction of the Sgr train by Kenya Railways, Many Kenyans find themselves to Mombasa easily. That is why we have designed this package known as SGR Mombasa Tours by the best tour company Bamm Tours. Here, You get to chose your favourite hotel after agreeing with the rates they have given. We will book the hotel for you, book the SGR train tickets and lastly provide transport to pick you up from MIritini to your north coast hotel.


Whether you are travelling as a group, Work Colleagues or as a family, kindly book your holiday with us. You will never regret.

we have taken considerable number of travelers and they have enjoyed our services. We come to your residence or office to design a package that suits you, Do the ground work for train ticket bookings and bring you all the bookings to your doorstep!

If you are planning for a holiday to Mombasa, simply consider booking this one SGR Mombasa Holiday Package.

The length of stay can range from 2 Nights 3 days to any number of nights that you may need! We not only book for you the Train and Hotel accommodation Bookings, but we also offer different types of vehicles for hire. Kindly Check

Early bookings are however very much advised.


The SGR Mombasa Holidays beats the longer number  of hours holiday makers used to spend on the road while using the road transport. It only takes 4 hours for you to move from Nairobi and in just after 4 hours you are enjoying the beach in Mombasa! What beats this kind of experience?


Below is our offer for the Low season March to June 2019.

3 days 2 nights accomodation + SGR per person
Azul Magarita 13,500
Neptune Beach 20,300
White Sands 20,900
BaoBab 18,900
Bahari Beach 21,500

Let us know which hotel should we book for you now.

This is the best time to book for your SGR Mombasa Holiday 3 days 2 nights.