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The private safari tour van hire Kenya is basically a van that shares a similar exterior with the 14 seater Matatu. Therefore, I will use the words private Safari tour van and Matatu loosely and interchangeably. There are so many uses of a private safari tour van. However, the major use is going out for tours with a chauffeured or self-drive vehicle.

Bamm tours hire out chauffeured vehicles for security and safety reasons. Unlike the regular 14 seater Matatu (which we also hire out), the private safari tour van is comfortable.

Most 14 seaters are squeezed and tend to bundle lack in many amenities.

Difference between private safari tour van and 14 seater matatu

When you go for the private safari tour van hire Kenya you will get comfort and other inclusions such as bottled water. The seats are less and made with comfortable material. There is much more legroom in a private safari tour van than in a 14 seater Matatu.

In some instances, the private safari tour van hire Kenya will have a radio onboard. And you can never miss them on Kenyan roads because of the long antennas with a tennis ball at the back.

It’s also good to mention that some Kenyans do not differentiate between the 14 seater Matatu with the private Safari tour hire Kenya. Because for the longest time the matatu has been ever-present.

We get customers who want to hire a “private Matatu” but in an actual sense, they wish to get a Private Safari Tour hire Kenya.

Advantages of hiring a private safari vehicle

For one, we offer both the 14 seater matatu hire Kenya and the Private safari tour van Kenya. Secondly, we have been in the business for a few years now and we know a lot about the industries.

Our vehicles are clean and you will enjoy the rides. We got highly trained drivers and guides if you wish to go out on a tour in the numerous parts of Kenya.



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