When you go through our list of vehicles you will notice we have a long-range of private car hire Kenya. These vehicles include 5, 7, 11, 14, 22, and 25 seaters that you can hire for your travel needs. Private car hire Kenya comes in various shapes and brands too.

This means that our clients are spoilt for choice. For example, our private car hire Kenya, includes, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Mercedes, etc. If you have noticed the range includes regular vehicles and high-end vehicles.

We understand that private car hire Kenya can be for regular travel plans or for executive travel. Additionally, private car hire Kenya could include buses for a large group of people.

Private car hire Kenya SUVs

There is quite an extensive SUV range from Nissan X-Trail to Toyota Vanguard and Outlanders. This private car hires will easily accommodate 5 to 7 people. In this category, we have Toyota wish which also accommodates seven people comfortably

Private car hire Kenya (5 seaters)

When you are looking for a vehicle that can easily transport 5 people or less then you can choose the Toyota Fielder, the Axion, Toyota Premio, etc. If you wish to travel on an intimate journey then these are the vehicles for you.

Private car hire Kenya (11 and 14 seaters)

These vehicles usually come as minivans. They are either Nissan or Toyota minivans and can carry 9 people especially as tour vehicles. When you need a vehicle that can comfortably carry such a number of people than the 11 and 14 seaters will do that perfectly.

Private car hire Nairobi Kenya Buses

These are the kind of vehicles that are ideal for moving a large number of people usually more than 20. On average the Toyota Rosa or the coaster will carry 25 people. Unlike, regular public transport buses, these buses are fitted with the state of the art cooling systems and comfortable seats. Plus they come with extra accessories.

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