Best Tour Safari Company Kenya Nairobi safari tours, chauffeur driven hire KenyaBest Tour Safari Company Kenya Nairobi safari tours, chauffeur driven hire Kenya
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Bamm tours offer tours to some of the best tourist popular destinations Kenya which includes those are Nairobi and well placed locations all around the country. In addition, to the popular wildlife reserves and national park guests are treated to various visits to the coastal region In Kenya. When guests hire a tour company Kenya such as Bamm Tours and Safaris Ltd their expectations is to indulge in uninhibited leisure in the dozens locations in Kenya. 

However, not everyone looking for a popular destinations Kenya is aware of some of these sites. In the following paragraphs we shall highlight what we believe as tour company Kenya are popular among our regulars.

Perhaps the Most popular destinations Kenya is the Masai Mara. There is no doubt that the Masai Mara National reserve has won many hearts including contributing to our itinerary chronology every time we get an opportunity to go there. Of course, the wildebeest (World famous) has contributed immensely to its popularity over the years. After all, it got the recognition of the eighth wonder of the world.  Next we have to cut short our off road excursions and pay homage to the capital city of Kenya Nairobi.

The capital is deeply intertwined in the stories and anyone might be forgiven for believing and passionately defending the notion that this story was initiated here. What does Nairobi offers its visitors? For starters, guests are can enjoy themselves at the Nairobi National Park (the only national park in the city). The city also offers a barrage of sites that visitors can always check out include the National Museum, the National archives, etc

Within the Great Rift Valley which stretches to thousands of miles in and out of Kenya are a number of scenic locations that tourists can visit when in the country. In Naivasha, they can visit Lake Naivasha and Hell’s gate, with the latter offering nice scenic and rocky depressions for hiking. Kenya is blessed with an array of designated national reserves including Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National park and Samburu National Park.

In the central part of the country, you can get awed or test your strength by conquering the second highest mountain in Africa; MT Kenya. The snowcapped mountain offers a great sightseeing expedition or challenge depending on what inspires you. The city of Mombasa is also among the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya. The sunny climate and its Sandy beaches makes it best for sunbathing. Then Malindi and Lamu, Watamu  offer almost similar experiences because of the similar climate around the coastal region.

In addition, its good to mention that Kenya is a diverse country as you will notice in some of the posts we have done especially on this topic on our blog the popular tour destinations In Kenya.

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