Nairobi City Tour Full Day

As a first time visitor in Nairobi, we always advise you to set aside a day for a full day Nairobi city Tour with the best tour company, Bamm Tours! Whenever you do so, you will never regret. You get to learn more about this Amazing capital city in Africa, Kenya.

We have designed special packages whereby we pick you from your hotel early morning and make sure you see almost everything in just one single day! Our Nairobi City tour full day package includes a visit to the Nairobi national Park as the first thing in the morning, followed by the visit to the Elephant orphanage then Giraffe Center. in between here we have an option of having lunch at either Carnivore restaurant or Mamba Village. Finally we undertake a Nairobi city tour drive in the capital to see and take pictures of Nairobi city buildings for example; August 1998 United States Embassy Bombing, The Kenya International Conference Center, The Parliament Buildings, Where the first Kenya President is buried, The Kenya Railways Museum, The National Museum among others.


Nairobi City Tour Full Day Itinerary

1. Nairobi National Park

We will pick you from your hotel as early as 0600 hrs, this is because wild cats are mostly active in the morning hours, and we drive towards Nairobi National Park for your early morning game drive in the Wild! Did you know that Nairobi National park is the only park in the whole whole world that is next to a capital city? Well, now you know!

Nairobi National Park is managed by Kenya Wildlife Services KWS and its divided into 3 units namely;
1. Nairobi National Park, (Which we will take) Here you drive in the wilderness in search for the wildlife all by your self but contained in your Safari Vehicle which must be a four wheel drive. Check the vehicles available for hire here.

2. Nairobi Safari Walk. Here, KWS has a raised wooden platform that twines in the bushes. The idea being to combine the bush experience and a zoo! The animals are locked in a cage and you walk on foot to the cages where they are fed and taken care of. for example if its a leopard, which spends most of its time on top of the trees, theres a tall tree in the cage that it cannot jump out of and you have to go and see it there.

3. Nairobi Orphanage. this is more or less a zoo. Animals are caged on the ground and you watch the animals while on the walk ways.


We will be in the Nairobi National park as from 0630hrs to about 1030hrs. We will take a Tour van with an open roof and drive in the park in search of the wildlife animals. The animals you expect to come across during this full day Nairobi city tour is: Buffaloes, Lions, Rhinos, Antelopes, Giraffes, Zebras, Heart-beests, Gazelles, Hippos, crocodiles and plenty of bird life
The park fees is 43$ Per person payable at the entrance via a card(debit or credit)


2. David Sheldrick / Elephant orphanage.
Our second place to visit during our Nairobi City Tour Full day Experience is David Sheldrick which is strictly open for only one hour a day from 11-Am to 12 Noon. Here, you will learn more about elephants conservation.

Its Founder, the late Dalphine Sheldrick, discovered that as much as an Elephant is a big animal, it’s the most endangered animal especially when faced by poachers. They may kill the Mother of a young elephant thereby leaving the baby to God’s mercy for survival! That’s when David Sheldrick comes in handy to help this baby elephant until they are old enough to later be reintroduced into the wild. you have an opportunity of even adopting an elephant whose update will be emailed to you occasionally.
Charges are 500 kshs per person payable by cash


3. Giraffe Centre.
Our third venue in our Nairobi city tour full day experience finds you at Giraffe Centre! Here you get a unique experience of feeding the world’s tallest animal with your are bare hands! Whats-more, You also get to kiss the giraffe and take a selfie with it!
Charges here are 10$ per person.

4. Lunch
You have an option of either going to the famous Carnivore restaurant to sample some ‘game meat’ for meat lovers, carnivore restaurant prepares ostrich, crocodile, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, rabbit etc grilled in an open fire!
You can also opt to go for another cuisine of your choice as Nairobi is spoilt for choice!
Carnivore lunch ranges from 35$ (amount not covered by our package)

5. Nairobi city Tour
Here you will be shown around CBD popular buildings eg parliament, US embassy Bomb blast, railway line.
You may also opt to climb up KICC building rooftop in-order to have a bird’s view of Nairobi.
It costs 5$ per person to access the building.

Thereafter you can call it a day!

The cost of transportation using a Tour Van with an open roof for easy photographing is 150$ for both of you the whole day. The above cost includes Fuels, drivers allowances, van and driver park fees.

Looking forward to have you experience Nairobi like never before.

To book for your Nairobi city tour safaris simply call or whats-app us on +254 712 004 003 or email us