Limousine Car Hire Nairobi.

Mostly, if you are on our page through a Google search, it means, therefore, that you are at the right place to get a Limousine car hire Nairobi Kenya. So, pick up your phone and hit our dials (below this page) for you to make your reservation. We look forward to serving you soonest.


Wedding car hire Nairobi.

Limo for hire NairobiMany clients normally when they request for a Limousine car hire, it’s mostly to be used as a wedding car hire Nairobi. However, this is not to say that you cannot use a Limo for other uses, such as; Executive Business meetings and VIP Airport transfers. The latter has been very possible since we have our Limos available at JKIA.

Vintage cars for hire in Kenya.

At times, we have had to mix both a Limousine car hire Nairobi with Vintage cars for hire in Kenya for some customers during their wedding day. Luckily, we have both models in our garage. While some may prefer just Vintage cars, others will do the Limos only. Clients have different wants and our main job is to listen to them and provide the wedding cars according to the clients’ needs.

How much does it cost to hire a limousine?

executive car hire NairobiI know this is one of the topmost questions in your mind whenever we are talking about Limos for hire in Nairobi. However, there are several factors we look into before determining how much we will charge for the Limousine Hire. Basically, it ranges from a minimum of $300 Per Hour with a minimum of 2 hours, all-inclusive costs within Nairobi. Whatsmore, we provide Champaigne to clients on board too.

Limousine for hire in Kenya.

As we discussed before, Limousines for hire in Kenya are suitable for either Weddings or executive business meetings. Additionally, people also hire it out for special events such as birthdays, Anniversaries among others.

Wedding cars for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Bamm Tours has a wide range of wedding cars for hire alongside Limousine car hire Nairobi. For example, Toyota Prados New model J150 in either Black, White, or Silver. Secondly, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Range Rover for hire Nairobi, Mercedes Benz for hire Nairobi Kenya, Convertible cars for hire, and finally Vintage cars for hire. So, whenever you are planning for your wedding, just come and talk to us and we will give you a vehicle to enjoy and make your wedding colorful and successful!

Limousine car price in Kenya.

wedding car hire NairobiLet me talk about how much does hiring a limousine in Kenya costs? well, as we have discussed up above, it ranges from a minimum of $300 Per Hour to $500. Of course, there are other factors that we may consider and make the cost either go down or up. Therefore, always get in touch and provide all the information as we agree on a figure that you are comfortable with.

How much is a limousine car in Kenya?

Basically, it ranges from 30,000/- Kenya shillings to a maximum of 50,000/- Per Hour within Nairobi, including a Chauffeur, Fuel, and Champagne.


Limousine price in Kenya shillings.

Limousine car hire Kenya costs are from KES30,000/- Per Hour to about KES50,000. The price can either go up or down depending on various factors such as distance, duration, type of limo, among others.


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