Lake Nakuru two hours journey from Nairobi makes it a great tourist’s attraction for locals living around the capital and its outskirts. Day Lake Nakuru tours are coupled with enjoyable sightseeing and the typically group fun field road trips. The proximity means that travelers can easily organize a great day trip to Nakuru within a few hours slated for the weekend or a celebration.  You can take a day trip Lake Nakuru tours to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding reception or just an engagement party

Characteristics of day trip Lake Nakuru tours

It’s affordable; from experience we have realized that affordability is one of the considerations for most of our travelers especially in Kenya. Lake Nakuru tours day trip offer the perfect balance when you are considering affordability. It allows friends to have most fun with a shoestring budget!

It’s easy to plan; one of the greatest challenges for travelers is the planning. There is the hassles of packing the things you will need for travel. However, with a Lake Nakuru tours day trip it’s all about having yourself ready dressed up and expectant of a good time. There is no need to hire a baby sitter because it’s few hours trip. No need to request for a long leave because it can be embarked on over the weekend.

It’s convenient; Lake Nakuru tours day trip offers great convenience in that you can do them any time you feel to. These tours are best for friends or family members who are ready for adventures.

Lake Nakuru is picturesque; Lake Nakuru national park offers a great picturesque view to its guest. You get to enjoy some of the sceneries in Kenya while marveling at the natural flora and fauna within the park

There is no doubt that Lake Nakuru tours day trips will provide a great backdrop for telling a great story for you and your friends. Go on book a Lake Nakuru tours now!