Lake Elementaita Family Tours Packages

“Todo sobre familia” means all about the family in Spanish. And that’s all what Lake elementaita tours family getaways is all about. These are tours to Lake Elementaita designed specifically for the family. There is no doubt that the family is a special unit for most people. Since we have discovered this truth we have created tours specifically for the family. That’s why we designed Lake elementaita family getaways! When the family comes together you can move mountains. That’s the principle that guides us as a family loving Tour Company. Lake Elementaita tours are better with family. These are people you love to spend time with or you haven’t seen in while.

Lake Elementaita Tours family getaways is one of Bamm Tours offering to the lake among others to the Lake. We understand that each family is unique that’s why we do not have one universal Lake Elementaita family getaway. Rather we offer a collection of family getaway options that will suit each of these families. Therefore, families are well set in terms options to choose from. For a smaller family we create a package that will suit them. Similarly for a larger family we organize a family getaway that will suit them. The consideration for these Lake elementaita tours family getaways extend to the children. In the case of a toddler or smaller children they are charge exempt in specific accommodations.

The task of the family members is to gather around and get to enjoy as we do all the work in the background. Bamm tours will book the accommodation as per the specifications. We will also provide the transport for you and your family. That way, you get to enjoy your family getaway leisurely at peace. Bamm tours and safaris is a recognized as a credible tour company with more than five years’ experience in the industry.

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Hotel/ Lodge


2 Adults + less than 2 year old kid
2 Days 1 Night
Epashikino 12,000
Pelican Lodge 13,500
Country Lodge 13,000
Sentrim 16,500
Serena Fri- Sat 33,000
Serena Sun- Thurs 29,000

The Prices above are for a double room on Full Board basis during Low season. if your family is bigger, kindly contact us to get your special quotation.

The above prices does not include transport. the vehicles both self drive and Chauffeur driven are available upon request.