FAMILY PACKAGES 2 Adults + less than 2 years kid sharing 2 Adults + 2-12 years kid sharing 2 Adults + 1 kid in own room
Sirville Lake Elementaita 14,000 21,000 24,500
Epashikino Resort 13,000 19,500 22,750
Sentrim Elementaita 20,250 30,375 35,440
Pelican Lodge elementaita 10,500 15,750 18,375
Jacaranda Elementaita 14,700 22,050 25,725
Serena Elementaita (Fri-Sat) 42,800 64,200 74,900
Serena Elementaita (Sun-Sat 28,000 42,000 49,000
Sunbird lodge 18,800 28,200 32,900


The Prices are per room per night


Who wouldn’t mind spending a day at a resort or over the top accommodation near Lake Elementaita? Well, I wouldn’t! For one Lake Elementaita tours is a great place to spend 2 days and 1 night. Because of the Lake’s considerable guests throughout the year the accommodation options are many and diverse. Therefore, guests have a place to go to for their Lake Elementaita tours (2 days and 1 night). This tour is ideal for couples who need a time to strengthen their love and get an opportunity to bond with each other. When you need to get away from the much activities and focus on yourself and your companion then Lake Elementaita tours is best for you.
What Bamm Tours has done is create a tour that will get the best out of you! With such a tour you have the serenity and the incredibility of the Lake and its surrounding. Those that have travelled to Lake Elementaita or one of its hosted accommodation have loved the place no doubt about that. Lake Elementaita is becoming popular day by day because of its easy access and its serenity. Take a Lake Elementaita tours with Bamm tours and you will have the time of your life. We have partnered with a number of hotels and rented tents retailers to give our customers the best experience when they take the Lake Elementaita Tours.

We hold Lake Elementaita tours every week. We have the Lake Elementaita weekend getaways, Lake Elementaita family safaris and so on. Each of the Safaris is well designed to fit the travelling customers. All you have to do is to stipulate your needs and the number of guests you are bring along to the Lake Elementaita tours while we handle the rest. We will do all the work and all you have to think of is packing your luggage for travel!