In case you are not aware let me put you on the loop about the Masai Mara –it has a day set aside for its magnificence. It’s referred to as the Mara day held annually on 15th September. Typically most masai mara tours are held during this period.This day is a celebration of the Mara River and its unique surrounding on both countries it runs into ie Kenya and Tanzania. On the Tanzania’s side we have the Serengeti while Masai Mara is located in Kenya. It is believed that on 15 September the wildebeest return to Tanzania from Kenya. A great time to take a masai mara tours!

The area itself is very productive and some of the largest wildlife inhabitants the area. It has a profound ecosystems and arguably with its own complexities. However, human interference has been affecting the area including poaching agricultural development. As such wildlife is in danger around the masai mara basin. We have prepared a few interesting facts about the masai mara national reserve.


The wildebeest migration

Its arguably one of the best sights in the world, no wonder it was named as a wonder of the world. Each year during the high season millions of wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti into the Masai mara and back again. Also, other herbivorous animals such as Zebras and Gazelles are attracted to the Mara to feed on the lush grass that springs up after seasonal rains. It is during this period that tourists are advised to take masai mara safaris.

Spectacular Landscape

There is a lot of space within the Masai Mara national reserve. The masai mara national reserve occupies an area of about 3000 sq Km. It’s some of the best landscape coupled with great and unique wildlife. I guess you have to take a masai mara tours to get the picture!


Wildlife increasing

For any national park or reserve, wildlife increasing is a good sign and a major attraction for masai mara tours. In recent years elephants in Kenya have considerably increased. Although, the numbers are not yet as they were in the 70’s they have increased to an increasing number. Again, another reason to visit the masai mara.


Endangered species

I know this seems like a contradictory point from what we have stated above. However, collectively the wildlife is increasing at the Masai Mara, there is a collection of individual species that are at risk including the wild dog, the cheetah and the black rhinos. That should also inspire travelers to support the Masai Mara dream through masai mara tours.

The poaching menace

Let’s just say that the poaching menace is rampant in most parts of Kenya and Africa. This is still the case in The Masai Mara. This has drastically reduced the number of black rhinos. Stakeholders have embarked on rigorous campaigns to help reverse the poaching menace. As a tour company we have been supporting the noble cause through our contributions and Masai Mara Safaris.


Diverse bird species

Kenya ranks among the top countries with the most attractive bird watching space. There are numerous bird species attraction for Masai mara tours. In fact, they run into thousands. The ostrich population at the Masai Mara is the largest in Africa. Other birds include grey crowned crane.

The mara River

The spectacular Mara River offers a great backdrop for the wildebeest migration and a popular of Masai Mara tours. In addition the river supports the Masai Mara ecosystem immensely. Also, the Mara River support the community living around the Mara with water for businesses and farming.

A lot of ongoing conservation efforts

Through the Masai Mara tours, donations and grants a lot of conservation efforts have been put in place to preserve the Masai Mara for future prosperity.


Interestingly, The Masai Mara is a great national park for tours and you should take a trip there! We’d love to take you! We are bamm tours!