When you mention tour and travelling cost implications always pop up on your budgetary plans. Travelling to Kenya more specifically is expensive! However, there are ways to find and do affordable tours Kenya. This post will demystify the idea and cost burdens that overwhelms most travelers to the country. No doubt Kenya has a lot to offer as affordable tours Kenya are concerned. The African safari is epitomized in Kenya starting with the highly romanticized (with good reason) Masai Mara. It is regarded with much enthusiasm as the park with the highest concentration of Mammals in the world. Let’s just say that this is the true definition of the wild world.

Your love for affordable tours should begin in Kenya every time you think of the lovable African Safari. Perhaps you have seen how it’s quite expensive to book a tour online going even to about $1000 for a 3 day safari in the country. Of course, it’s cheaper if you make your booking with a local company such as Bamm Tours and Safari Limited. Because as tour company located in Kenya we do understand that offering affordable tours Kenya to foreigners is perhaps the best deal for us and them,

In fact anyone familiar with travel industry is to book with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya once you land in the country. It’s far cheaper than you might think. You will get a discount if you book with us!

Depending on what is included in the package, a 3 day trip to the Masai mara can get cheap as $400. In most cases a truly affordable tours Kenya will include

  1. The transportation cost
  2. Park entrance fee
  3. Meals and drinks included
  4. The game drive and accommodation(usually tents because lodging in a the popular hotels will cost you more

Choose between camping and lodging

Well what best define an affordable tour Kenya between camping and lodging? The answer is not either yes or no but as basic affordability is concerned camping is affordable. When you choose to hire camping gear or come along with your own you get to save a lot of money. For the regular Kenyan traveler, this is one way of make your already cheap tour more affordable. For instance, if you wish to travel to the Masai Mara you will find camp sites located outside the national park.

Other ways of experiencing an affordable tours Kenya is lodging with a local family. So instead of spending money on the camping sites or lodging resorts you simply move into a cheap guest house or a local family that hosts people.

In upcoming posts we shall be sharing better ways of experiencing affordable tours Kenya. There are numerous ways and we believe the first one is to book with a best tour company Nairobi Kenya for better services