Mombasa Flying Packages

If you cant walk to Mombasa, then you should Fly! Its the fastest way to get to enjoy Mombasa few minutes after leaving your work place in Nairobi! This package is designed to people like you who value time. Flying Mombasa packages maximises your time in the Beach hotel with its facilities or the beach itself!

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Below are just few of our packages.

Kindly note that the rates are per person sharing in a double room for 2 Nights 3 days.


Azul Magarita 24,000
Neptune Beach 30,800
White Sands 31,400
BaoBab 33,900
Bahari Beach 36,500



If you want a relaxing short holiday from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi in like an instant, then Mombasa flying package is the deal for you!

Mombasa flying package is what you’ve been waiting for. we book you in either Kenya Airways, Jambo Jet, Fly 540 after deciding which hotel to spend your nights on. The cost also includes Transport services from airport to hotel and back.

Whenever you think of a holiday, it should be stress free so that you maximize your relaxation time. with this flying Mombasa package, you will do exactly that.

Whether you are planning to fly to Mombasa for your company or family, simply talk to us. we have other packages that you can visit.