Private Family Amboseli Tours

Its everyone’s dream to occasionally take his or her family out on a holiday experience. When that dream comes, think Amboseli family tour holidays for your family. While we have tours to other destinations in Kenya, Amboseli quenches the thirst for a holiday maker.

Family amboseli tours fits all members of the family from the youngest to the oldest. one can choose to book a holiday for even for his or her in-laws. better still you can also organise a safari for your uncles and aunties, Cousins, Nieces and nephews, or even your Brothers and sisters!  thats why we are hers.

Amboseli family tours combines a spectacular view of the Africa Tallest Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro with plenty of both wildlife and bird life.

We will book your private family rooms that are next to each other which offers a clear view of the mountain, so that your private family members gets first greetings from the mighty mountain when they wake up in the morning!

Family tours Duration

Our Amboseli Family Tours ranges from just a day trip to 2 nights 3 days safari or more longer stays depending on your choice.

Clients whom have booked their Family to Amboseli have come back saying it was fruitful, en-joyful and more so blessed! Their Seniors have blessed them for booking them a safari with the best tour company.

Our Private family tours start and ends at your residence in Nairobi.

Kindly contact us today for your quotation depending on the number of members in your family, age, specification like the time members take medicine etc.

Our team ensures they give you their full support during this safari. support like pushing a wheel chair for the old or sick members, reminding them the time to take medicine, or any other sensitive support. That is why our safaris are exclusive and you dont get mixed with other strangers confined in a tour van.

Tour Vans used in family tours

Our tour vans for the private family tours are properly designed with comfort for the old family members and music for younger generations. it can either be a Toyota Land cruiser or Toyota Hiace, Tour Van

Write to us today for your inquiry on or call or whatsapp +254712004003