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Rav4 / Vanguard

Rav4 / Vanguard

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Toyota Rav 4, Van Guard, or Nissan X-trail

Whether you are a local Kenyan or a foreigner thinking of experiencing Kenya in a 4 wheel drive but cannot afford toyota prado for hire, simply ask for Nissan xtrail or Toyota Rav4 for hire from the best car hire company.

Whether you are travelling personal purposes or as a corporate for your organisation, always ask for a toyota Rav4 or van guard or Nissan xtrail. They all serve the same purposes and are of the same prices.

Some People prefer Nissan xtrail to Toyota Rav 4 or viceversa thats why we keep both units, but the are more or less the same.

Toyota Rav4 or Nissan xtail are both Mini Suvs. They are more affordable and easier to use. They are smaller than Toyota Prados

Why Toyota Rav4/ van guard or Nissan Xtrail?

Theres something about this vehicles namely Toyota Rav4 or its newest model, Toyota Van guard that makes it the most preferred mode of transport in kenya. Together with Nissan Xtrail, they all provide luxury, comfort and undisturbed mode of transport because come rain or Rocky, Nissan Xtrail or Toyota Rav 4 are able to maneuver them all effortlessly.


Hire Toyota Rav 4, Nissan X trail for official reasons or even social. it fits in all occasions like going for corporate meetings, conferences or team building and hiking, or social activities like Burials, Weddings, Dowry functions.


When you hire Toyota Rav4 or Nissan x trail from the best car hire company Bamm Tours, you are assured of a good looking, clean and modern vehicle any time of the year.

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