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Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

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Land Cruiser For Hire

Bamm Tours is the best Tour company to hire a safari Toyota Land Cruiser From. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Safari Land cruiser is  for those clients who are looking for luxury superior travel experiences in Kenya! Have you been searching on the internet on who to trust to take you on your safari in East Africa and perhaps you have not yet gotten one? We wish to end that search here and now because with us, you not only hire a vehicle for your safari, but we go an extra mile to make sure that your journey will be the most enjoyable and comfortable because we need you to come again and again.

Theres a reason why no other vehicle manufacturers can beat the Toyota Land cruiser. the way this vehicle is manufactured, it is out of this world.

Get your land cruiser from the best tour company in Kenya Bamm Tours.

Whether you are an organisation looking for a land cruiser for long term lease, consider it done. Land cruiser is the only vehicle that is able to handle Africa terrain both Rocky and muddy, during hot sun or rainy.

Its two tanks ensures that you will get to the next town for fueling something that is only found in land cruisers and not any other vehicles in Africa.

Land cruiser are manual transmitted shift gear box which makes the drive enjoyable for vehicle lovers

But you may ask yourself why should you hire the Toyota land cruiser from the Best tour Company Kenya…

Why hire a safari Land Cruiser from Us?

  1. All Our Safari Land Cruiser are in good, sound working mechanical condition- this largely makes us the most sought after company in hiring this type of a vehicle from.
  2. We have a Fit-in Air Condition or A/C in all our Land Cruisers. We know Africa is very hot, we have put A/C in all our vehicles to ensure that your drinks remain as cold as Ice.
  3. We have invested in an extra suspension key features on our land cruisers to ensure that our vehicles are able to actively handle and overcome rough terrain that is found in almost all of our parks and reserves
  4. Our able Tour guides and or Drivers offer a great help! From their experience in tacking down wild animals in the park, to tackling the challenging terrain while ensuring that your safety and comfort is not compromised.
  5. While we talk of comfort in the wild, what do we exactly mean? We have designed all our passenger seats to be adjustable, comfortable as much as possible!
  6. modern, comfortable land cruiser safaris
  7. Finally we have put the very modern UHF radio to ensure that our guides are in communication with other guides and Lodges while you in the wild. that should you have an emergency, they are able to ask for rescue. meaning you are  more safe while travelling with our safari Land cruisers

We know Africa, we have been here longer, come let us take you on a safari for you to experience it greatly with our safari land cruisers.

Whenever you are looking for a vehicle to take you on a safari, this is the vehicle that you should highly consider. it comes second to none.

call us today to make your bookings on +254712004003 or write to us on and we will be glad to help.

Welcome to hire our Toyota land cruiser tourist vans

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