Let’s face it we all love a bargain! And we are going to see how best you can get a bargain while travelling to Kenya during the low season. There is no doubt that Kenya is a great tourist destination and perhaps all  best tour company Kenya have diverse packages set for tourists. There is a lot to see and do in this beautiful country. However, as in most holidays, travelling to Kenya for foreigners is not a cheap affair –it will cost you an arm and a leg. But what if we told you there is way you can save on the cost? Well, for starters by choosing the best tour company Kenya…Secondly, by travelling to the country during the low season.

Of course, there are a myriad of ways you can save yourself some hard earned cash but for now let’s share the benefits of travelling to Kenya during the low season!

Affordable rates

I mean this is obvious since, the hotels are down, most best tour company Kenya are not taking people to parks…there is little activities and so on and so forth. Since there are less people coming to visit the country you get to experience most of these wildness at a much low price than they’d charge you in the peak season. But a word of caution though, if you are visiting Kenya for the first time then the low season is not the best for you. During this season the savannahs has overgrown grass and the wild animals are not seen clearly. However, you are at liberty to consult with your best tour company Kenya agents before making a booking.

You get to be treated like a King/Queen!

Most of the service providers such as best tour company Kenya, resort owners, airlines are dealing with less tourists in the low season. Therefore, they accord you the best treatment since they are not exhausted from attending to thousands of tourists.

Less people, less crowding!

If you wish to have a peaceful, relaxed tour of the country Kenya then visiting the country during the off peak season is your best bet. There are less people during the off peak season which means you do not have to compete for space or hustle to view the animals as they go on with their lives. In addition, when you visit the localized African markets in Kenya there are less tourists around which means you get a bargain in the process.

Lastly, you get to go out on an eco-friendly tour during the off peak season. You get to indulge yourself in the sandy beaches and interact with the game with little or no pressure. Additionally, you get to choose where you will be staying meaning you get to settle in an eco-friendly accommodation. That’s the beauty of experiencing Kenyan landscapes in the best period.

Now that you know the best season to get a bargain while visiting Kenya then go ahead and make a booking with us, we are the best tour company Kenya! We are in touch with the country and we will ensure you get the best experience!