One of the best reasons I love my job with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya is the adventures associated with our tours and travel. There is no doubt that I love my job, I really do and you should see my face every time I get explain to people what I love to do. My face lights up to the joy of sharing my experiences –mostly adventures in the tour industry. This post came about a joke I had with my colleague on how one of guides fell head first into raging mad in the Masai Mara. He was not injured in case you are wondering what kind of people run the best tour company Nairobi Kenya.

He came out with some minor injuries and a wonderful memories that we get to laugh about at our office in the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. Now, on the adventurous day –while most of them are –Mwangi our colleague was ready as usual. He was armed with right gear, all dressed up for an adventure in the Mara. We left Nairobi around 6 AM headed to the Masai mara. In our team we had two Land cruisers and a Toyota Hiace. Njoroge or Njoro as we fondly refer to him was the team leader on this particular trip. I came along with my camera and enthusiasm to document what was going on since one seat was still vacant.

As a best tour company, we know that it is important to keep these memories for posterity and for reference. So much happened along the way, however, I will cut out the details not to bore you with a long story. Mwangi is a skilled driver and tour guide and has been part of the best tour company Nairobi Kenya for three years when the incident occurred. He is also a brave soul. One of the tourists had just spotted a Lioness, we all driving along the pathway heading towards the where a lone lioness was relaxing a few meters away from the pride.

Mary had not seen a lioness this close and she was really excited she requested us to drive towards the pride. As a custom we always drive as team instead of leaving one tour vehicle behind. The land cruisers with their efficiency led the way while the Toyota followed. During the rainy season puddles are clearly visible around the Masai National park. One by one we drove over the puddles, the land cruiser with much ease than the Toyota Hiace. At one point the two Land cruisers also had some resistance maneuvering over a puddle but eventually they made.

Along came Mwangi driving the Toyota Hiace, he was faced with same resistance. However, the van started to slide sideways. That’s when we realized that our adventure has just began. It’s good to note that most of these Safari entails getting your hands dirty! In the case of Mwangi, get your head and entire body dirty –pun intended.

They had to get out of the automobile as is the custom with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. We had to stop and join them while we requested the tourists to remain calm. The idea was to try to push the vehicle through the raging mud. We got right down to it, all the men started to push as hard as possible. However, the vehicle seemed never relented but we pushed harder until there was an opening.

When the opening seemed clear Mwangi said that we should to push even harder. So we did, but he didn’t and just as he was about to start pushing the vehicle flew out of the mud. We all let go but Mwangi slipped and fell head first into the mud and Hiace sprayed mud over him. It was a great moment! That’s how the adventure began. Keep following our blog for more on what happened after the incident.