7 Seater Van For Hire Nairobi

Are you planning for a road trip with the squad, friends, or buddies this Year? Have you gotten yet a trusted company for your transport solutions yet? Do you want to just be driven to multiple scenic destinations in Kenya without having to worry about who is driving you? Relax, Let us take that worry out of your mind! We are here to help you!

Now, Pack your bags, set your playlists, and travel in style with Bamm Tours 7 seater Van for hire. ? Our 7 seater vans are modern, new, and clean you wouldn’t resist a ride in them. Our drivers are all well-trained and experienced professionals.

7 seater car hire Nairobi

There are many options of a 7 seater van available for hire in Nairobi. First, we have in stock either a Toyota Noah or Voxy For hire. secondly all the tour vans. the third category is Toyota Alphard For hire. 

7 seater car hire in Kenya.

The process of hiring either of the Bamm Tours vans is the same. From the time a customer calls, gives out full information about his or her travel itinerary. in addition, the client agrees on the price, sends a deposit for the vehicle reservation. Finally, the 7 seater van for hire appears with a driver at the customers’ residence. as simple as that!

14 seater car hire Nairobi.

At times, the group of people traveling in a 7 seater may double. If they still want to travel in one van, Bamm Tours recommends the use of our 14 seater vans for hire in Nairobi. 

Prado Tx for hire Nairobi.

Who doesn’t know that our Prados for hire has 7 seats? well, if you didn’t know, now you are more educated! When looking out for a 7 seater van for hire, you can also opt to hire it as a 4by4 Wheel-drive car. Bamm tours work hand in hand with Pradoforhire.co.ke for its surplus rentals.

Noah for hire Nairobi

Many people often fall for the fact that 7 seater vans are only Toyota Noah or Voxy. That is not true! But since it is the most preferred, we have it in stock. This vehicle is suitable for families, colleagues, and even general friends.

Kenya cheap car hire Nairobi.

Car hire in Nairobi and Kenya, in general, is cheaper when compared to owning a motor vehicle. This model is suitable for corporates setting up their offices in Kenya. The Hirer takes care of the car while the Hiree concentrates on his major goal and work activities. The best option is always car hire with a driver.


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