In the tourism circles, Nairobi is a haven for best tour company Nairobi Kenya and for yearning travelers. In the same circles, the “the only park with national park” tag really amplifies its magnificence. You just have to travel here to understand what we and others are really talking about. There are a lot of things to be done in Nairobi. Nairobi is educative –because of its cultures, wild animals, food etc. Nairobi is beautiful –its unadulterated savannahs, its indigenous artifacts, its historical presence and so on.  Nairobi is entertaining –its nightlife, its musical events, literature events, food festivals among others.

Visit Karura forest

I have grown up experiencing the political struggles that lead to the reclamation of the Karura forest. My firsthand experience of the lush scenic Karura forest was before I became part of a thriving Best tour company Nairobi Kenya. I could see it on my way to the city from the village along Limuru road. Back then Karura forest was an adolescent waiting to be discovered now she is a source of picnic happiness, jogging comfort among other things. Karura forest is darling of many natural lovers including best tour company Nairobi Kenya.

Go on, head on Karura and appreciate the beauty, the caves and indigenous flora and fauna including the bush babies & bush back.

Visit the Giraffe center

We have highlighted the giraffe center, the national museum, the David sheldrick wildlife trust in our itinerary as the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. Perhaps, you landed here looking for the things to do in Nairobi. You are in the right place! Now the Giraffe center is one of a Kind Giraffe sanctuary. The good thing is that you get to feed the giraffe and boy are they friendly? So when a best tour company Nairobi Kenya takes you on a tour here make sure you make friends with the giraffes. Take some few selfies for the social media pages and share some snacks with them!

Adopt an elephant at the David sheldrick elephant Trust

The David Sheldrick elephant trust was set up to help orphaned elephants, nurture them and reintroduce them back into the wild. In the trust you will experience and interact with young elephants as they regain they strength. There are caregivers who take care of the elephants with much enthusiasm to ensure they are back where they belong. In addition, you can adopt an orphaned elephant for a small fee and get to see them grow.

Game viewing at the Nairobi national park

Nairobi is the city in the sun and the only city to have a national park within its borders. Nairobi national park is that park. There are two things you can do in the national park; go out for a picnic or game viewing. Under the guidance of a best tour company Nairobi Kenya you can go out on a fully fledged Nairobi national park tour. Also you can go out for a picnic in the designated regions especially during the weekends. Locals take advantage of this by going out on a picnic within the set places in the national park. It’s good to note that Nairobi national park is home to the famous big African Five!

Now with that in mind you can always hit us up; we are among the best tour company Nairobi Kenya and we will help you enjoy your stay in Nairobi.