14 Seater Van for Hire

Ever since Michuki rules were introduced on our Kenyans roads, it reduced the number of people travelling in a mini van from 18 to 14 seater vans. So whenever many Kenyans get private functions, They mostly hire our 14 Seater Van for hire for this simple reason! Whether it is for social reasons or corporate, our vans are very clean, modern and well services to suit your needs.


14 Seater Van Features

  1. Comfort. 14 seater van have maximum luxury since the seats are reclining. there is enough leg room for everyone.
  2. Air condition. these have fitted Air condition for everyone on board
  3. Spacious travel. Since they are high roof vans, theres plenty room available for everyone to enjoy. you can stand and not hit the ceiling of the van.


Why hire 14 seater van from Us

We are the leading suppliers of this type of vans in Nairobi. Whether you need a 10 seater van, 8 Seater Van, 14 seater or 20 seater buses for hire, you are in the right place then. The best car hire company in Nairobi will provide you with a clean 14 seater van for hire today.

Although we have mostly come through for people at their last minute of their travel, we highly recommend you to book early enough for your 14 seater van for hire.


Be sure to experience a difference whenever you travel with us other than other travel companies. We have taken people many places in Kenya therefore we know Kenya very well. Why dont you challenge us with your next destination and see whether we will deliver or not?

For Companies who are taking on a Team building activities, we provide a 14 seater van for hire as well as book for them the venue either Naivasha, Elementaita, Nanyuki, or Sagana or any other Venues available. You can check our Team Bulding offers here  https://www.bammtours.co.ke/team-building/

Depending on the number of individuals, we provide the necessary mode of transport. Like for any Masai Mara tours, we use either a Tour Van or a Land Cruiser and so on.

Try our 14 seater vans for hire today and experience a service with a difference.


Todays Story,

So a customer of our has just called us requesting we send to their organisation 2 9 seaters vans for rent as quickly as possible. Knowing their company taste and the type of people being carried, we sent out our 2 14 seaters van! Wow! You should have been there to see their surprise, Their guest will not stop to admire this type of a vehicle, since they were all white investors from United states of America. So next time you need to have your staff transported, kindly ask for our 14 seater vans, you will be praised the whole day by your staff.

Nothing beats your expectation than when you trust us to deliver!


You can easily hire the vehicle from us at affordable prices! You can easily reach us through our phone number

CALL / WHATSAPP/ SMS +254 712 004 003 or

Email info@bammtours.co.ke