Toyota Hiace For Hire Kenya

The 14 seater matatu is a regular on the Kenyan roads. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the best modes of transports in Kenya. The 14 seater Matatu hire Kenya has a long history in Kenya. During the president’s Moi Era, they would carry about 18 Passengers. However, after 2002, they became the 14 seater Matatu.

The Popular van that Bamm tours usually hires out for tours use a similarly sized vehicle. But the tour has less sitting capacity for comfort. They carry around 11 and 9 people. But the 9 seater vehicle is more popular than the 11 seater.

14 Seater Car Hire Nairobi

There are a number of reasons that would motivate anyone to hire this particular vehicle. For one, the 14 seater Van has the ability to carry more people than the 7 seater vehicles. This means that if you wished to carry twice the same people you would with a, let’s say Noah or Voxy then the Matatu is the way to go.

Secondly, The 14 seater Matatu is cheaper than the 11 seater. The 11 seater tour van has been designed for tours which are a bit expensive. But a 14 seater Matatu hire Kenya is not as expensive. The reasoning behind this is the fact that the tour van has other inclusion such as drinking water and comfortable seats with more legroom.

Get a 14 seater Matatu hire Kenya from Bamm tours

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