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The Nairobi weekend is very short nonetheless ifs full of fun filled activities if you are in the right places. Of course, you came to the right place and we will share with you some of the perfect weekend getaways Kenya! On this end we represent a true friend who introduces you to the nicest places and welcoming friends. Now that we have that settled let’s look at some of the coolest weekend getaways Kenya. But before we do, I’d like to inform you that you can always book at tour with us! Our itinerary includes Nairobi safari tours, Mombasa safari tours, Lake Nakuru safari tours, Lake Naivasha safari tours, Mt Kenya climbing and safari tours and Weekend getaways Kenya tours.

Now that we have that settled, I bet we can continue with our conversations as buddies. As always the closest of any weekend getaways is from where you are located. In our cases the capital Nairobi Kenya is closer home or if most poetically inclined folks would say –closer to our hearts! We have another article on our website that highlights some cool places in Nairobi including the world famous Nairobi National park, Giraffe center and the David sherdlick center. Additionally, if you are a half day enthusiasts and would love to take tours round Nairobi then you should check out the following as well.

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1) The Kenya National museum

As a one day off (half day tours in Nairobi, you can get to learn a lot about the human culture in general and the Kenyan historical background. There are a myriad of historical records displayed there ranging from artifacts and even a snake park. How cool is that? A visit to the Kenya national tours on a weekend getaway will leave you and your family nourished from informative pieces on display there. There are realistic looking mammals and birds in their hundreds. Plus a collection of vital fossils such as those discovered in Lake Turkana. For the better part of your tour you will be amazed by the various cultures and tribes of Kenya as depicted in their original settings before the coming of the colonialists.

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2) The Bomas of Kenya

The word boma means home in Swahili which is the national language of Kenya. It’s a widely spoken language and if you are a newcomer it will really help if you can speak it a little. As the name suggests, the Bomas of Kenya is a great place to learn about the various tribal homes of the people of Kenya. Well, just as the home is diverse, the Bomas of Kenya is also diverse. Here you get to learn about the various culture ranging from music art, crafts and their lifestyle. Once there on a weekend getaway you get to see these cultural homes from major ethnic tribes. You will also get to be entertained by a group of local dancers every afternoon.


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3) Ngong hills

Ngong hills are a popular weekend getaways Kenya site especially if you are a fan of hiking. You get to climb the hills and enjoy the picturesque view on your way up there. In the maa language which is primarily the language of the Masai people the word Ngong means Knuckles. From a distance the hills look like a fist facing the sky. There are several trekking trails that cut through the hills allowing visitors to enjoy the picturesque views of the valley below. Ngong hills is located in the rift valley and is a few kilometers from Karen which used to be part of the white highlands during the colonial period. There are some mammals around the area such as gazelles, bushbucks, buffalos and occasional baboons along the trails.

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4) The Kenya National Archives


As a weekend getaways Kenya here is another historically inclined and educational center. The archives houses some of the art collection by Joseph Murumbi, who was the first vice president of Kenya. He had an art collection from various parts of the world. This art collection is housed here and it’s diverse as well as interestingly informative.

There are a myriad of weekend getaway Kenya places for half day trips or simply weekend escapades. We offer great Nairobi Safari tours. Talk to us now!