There is no doubt that Kenya has a diverse wildlife and extensive habitat. Its landscapes are quite attractive and popular. They are popular with the throngs of tourists who visit the country during peak seasons. Bamm Tours And Safaris, a tour company Kenya is there to take them on a tour.

Kenyan diversity supports the wild savannahs, grasslands and the broadleaf forests located along the Kenyan coastline. Within the Great Rift Valley is a collection of lakes that is under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage site. In the central region of the county is the second highest mountain in Africa; Mt Kenya has its fair share of beautiful stories written by enthusiasts.




Kenya depends heavily on its tourism industry and its ever growing industry employs a lot of people managing this sector. Every reputable tour company Kenya understand these dynamics. The Wild in actually plays a pivotal role in the larger East Africa region. Kenya is nonetheless blessed with a high rising economy and is termed as the largest in the region. The most popular wild animals are fondly categorized as the BIG FIVE in Kenya which include Buffalos, Lions, Elephants and Rhinos.

However, do not be mistake to think that the BIG FIVE are the only type of wildlife to be seen in the country. In diverse ecosystems within the country there are myriad of wild animals such as giraffes, flamingoes etc. The Kenyan wild is hosted in a dozens of designated national parks and wildlife reserves. Guests can go out for game viewing through an affordable Tour company Kenya.

The savannahs are also rich with cultural rich people who carry themselves as nomadic pastoralists. Some as the Masai and the Samburus have maintained their culture, mode of dressing for thousands of years. They are not perturbed by the advancement in technology in the country. When you get up close and wild you get to witness and experience the best of the Kenyan wild and culture in its natural form. You can always contact us for tour, car hire services Kenya when you need a tour company Kenya.