It takes courage and determination to build a best safari tour company Kenya. A company that can compete and offer services as the best safari tour company Kenya. These ideals have been built over the years as we dream to build Bamm tours as the best safari tour company  Kenya. Our love for the game is visible in everything we do. Our desire to achieve is undisputed and we are proud to be regarded as a leading tour company Kenya. Being the best in the business means we have to understand our customer needs very well.





Therefore, in our pursuit to be the best safari tour company Kenya we identify and isolate the best of the clients’ needs and build our itinerary upon that. We have highlight some of our success under the Bamm tours about us page but it all boils down to passion and commitment. Once, a tourists asked us why we love what we do. We replied “in order to be regarded as a leading tour company Kenya we had to passionately love the travel industry”. It is that and more brainy quotes that we’d love everyone to know as by. Of course, our mantras are backed by our resilience as a company to deliver the best in Tour travel Kenya.

Secondly, our story is always one we love to narrate. This is the story of how we started out as a simple taxi/cab company. Of how we dreamt of joining the ranks of the best safari company Kenya. Of how slowing we became a leading tour company Kenya with the zeal, love and dedication of a true loves of the game. When we say we love the game we just don’t mean it in a proverbial way. We are the true sons of the soils and appreciate the fact that Game viewing is one of the greatest asset tourists or travelers get to experience.

There is always a chance for everyone to see the breathtaking beauty in its truest form when they travel with us. There are various spots that visitors can enjoy all over the country. Indeed Kenya is a blessed and beautiful country. Those that have had an opportunity to visit the country always have good things to write about our country. In fact there are various publications and literature about the beautiful scenes in our country. A number of fiction and non-fiction pieces have been written about the country. Additionally, there are a myriad of dedicated websites that focus on best tour company Kenya. Some of these websites also write about the various sites tourists can visit. One of the best tourist destinations is the Masai Mara especially its world famous wildebeest migration.

The country is also blessed with equally renowned world Sandy beaches and island. The coastal region offer great destinations including Malindi, Watamu Island and the historically significant ruins found in the region. All these offer for a wondrous adventure and escapade that is unrivalled anywhere else. In the interior travel with a leading tour company Kenya is boosted by the fact that the Great Rift Valley section found a home in Kenya. On its bed are various tourists’ destinations sites such as the Lake Naivasha national reserve, Lake Nakuru national park, Hells gate, and not forgetting the popular Masai Mara