When you think of Nairobi, you think of a place of sweet waters if you are aware of its true meaning. In deed such a phrase is best suited to describe a major tourist’s attractions among best tour company Kenya and travelers too. Nairobi tours has a long history that is perhaps well documented in the initial stage of colonial inhabitants who brought with them industrialization. There are a number of truly famous Nairobi Safari tours with a best tour company Kenya such as Bamm tours and safaris. However, we will look more into that later on in this article. First, let’s look into some of the most popular tours Kenya in Nairobi city. Nairobi city is the capital city of Kenya, a country lying on the east of Africa.

Nairobi is a cosmopolitan and it’s no wonder that our list of some of the most popular Nairobi safari tours pay homage to the concrete artistry. Any love story, begins with some of the best moments, in our cases it’s the Nairobi safari tours. The most iconic popular tour Kenya attraction is the Nairobi national park. After all, with its magnificence, it has made Nairobi the only City with a national park within its border. That’s Nairobi for you! Embrace yourself for more. What’s special about Nairobi national park then?

Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi national park is a popular tourist attraction among best tour company Kenya and its throngs of local and international tourists. It is located just 7 kilometers from the capital city Nairobi. Would you love to take a Nairobi safari tour after what you’ve read? In the park you will get to know about the Rhino sanctuary in the park, there are various species which also call this park home. Some of the many animal species found at Nairobi National park include Lions, Gazelles, ostriches, warthog, cheetahs and giraffes. Additionally, there are hundreds of birds species also found in the park.

With a best tour company Kenya such as Bamm Tours and Safaris you will also get to visit Nairobi safari walk. Which also technically offer the normal game viewing but with emphasis on making the tours on foot. The other popular place while visiting the Nairobi national park is the David sheldrick wildlife Trust. This center was started by Daphne sheldrick in 1977 in honor of her late husband David Sheldrick who as a warden in Tsavo East National park.

David Sheldrick wildlife Trust

One of our goal as a best tour company Kenya is to ensure that tourists don’t miss out on the great places located in our great country. This wildlife trust is a home for orphaned elephants and rhinos which are then released back to the wild. The best thing about this center is that you get to interact with these orphaned animals all around the David sheldrick wildlife trust.

The giraffe center

If you guess that this a center that caters for Giraffes then your guess is as good as mine. It wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it? The giraffe center take care of the endangered Rothschild giraffes. The center is located in a children inspired conservancy known as the Giraffe manor. There is a raised platform that enable visitors to feed the giraffes at eye level. And it’s advisable to bring children along because they will really enjoy the experience.

We will also look into some of the other urban like destination in the great city of Nairobi including the Nairobi National Museum and the Karen Blizen Museum. Once again you can talk to us for a Nairobi safari tour because we are a best tour company kenya!