The beautiful Malindi beach at sunrise

Malindi is a small coastal town Northeast of Mombasa town. Also Malindi lies at the mouth of the Galana River along the Indian Ocean. It’s about 120 kilometers from Mombasa. Typically, the best travel agency Kenya combine Malindi tours with Mombasa tours in the coastal region tours. Malindi town is the largest town in the Kilifi town in Kilifi County.

One of the greatest offering that is Malindi are the Sandy beaches –actually it’s a collections of beaches. Of course, these beaches offer a great tourists attraction for best travel agency Kenya and barrage of tourists who throng the place very year.

In addition, there are world class resorts and very relaxing escapades. When you make your way further south you will discover Watamu. In Watamu we have the world famous Gedi ruins. Watamu town also have some really attractive white beaches which can only be described as awesome! But you have to visit the place to understand what I mean! As far as accommodation is concerned Malindi offers a great escapade offering tranquil establishments such as nice private guesthouses and resorts.

There is a Marine National Park at the Watamu town and it offers a great escapade for diving lovers. There is a depression referred to as Marafa but also known as Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari by the local people or as a reference by best travel agency Kenya. Furthermore there are gorges and gullies that tourists will appreciate.

There are jungle reserve that will amaze tourists with its incredible blessings. Within the forest popularly known as Arabuko Sokoke you can take a stroll as you watch various mammals and bird species. Occasionally, you will come across the African elephants. Here you will also discover the ancient town of Gedi which is a deserted old trading town. The Swahili would trade with other traders such as Arabs here in the ancient times. These ruins are very popular especially with the best travel agency Kenya. So when you are booking for Malindi tours remember to consider all that.

In essence, Malindi is a great town for tourists and travelers as well. You can go along the boat rides experiencing the mangroves forest or appreciating the reef or simply learn how to fish for food fun.