The Lake Nakuru National Park is sometimes described as the bird watchers paradise. Of course tour operators Kenya shall take travelers and tourists on Lake Nakuru tours whenever they wish .Well because, if you ask anyone familiar with the territory they will tell you it’s the home of the flamingoes and other species of birds. Just like other Lakes such as Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru is located on the floor of The Great Rift Valley. Its disposition is bushy grasslands coupled with wooded areas.




Tour operators kenya shall help you enjoy the extensive eco biodiversity and arrays of habitats. Additionally, the lake Nakuru tours and national park is surrounded by picturesque ridges and upright escarpments. What will you get if you take a tour with a tour company Kenya? You can choose to go for a hike, game drives (private or with the help of a tour company Kenya) picnic and so on.

According to Wikipedia, Lake Nakuru at an elevation of about 1754 meters above sea level. The national park is named after the lake. Besides the flamingoes around the lake you can also black rhinos, baboons, warthogs and also the white rhinos. In the Maa language the word Nakuru simply means a place of dust. The lake Nakuru tours  national park extends to the savannahs. Originally, it had only occupied a smaller area which was later expanded to cover a larger area.

Lake Nakuru tours will take is near Nakuru town through the guidance of our abled tour operators Kenya. The lake Nakuru national park was established in 1961. The most popular attraction around this lake is the thousands or perhaps millions of flamingoes.  The flamingos’ number around the lake are dependent on the weather condition and the water levels. In the 1990’s the number of flamingoes had considerably decreased since the water level had tremendously gone down. 

On our itinerary, Lake Nakuru is among the most popular tours. Typically, most tour company Kenya including Bamm Tours and Safaris Ltd have regular trips to the national park. We’d love to describe our trips to the Great Rift Valley as more frequent alongside trips to Lake Naivasha. Certainly, tour lovers will jump to an opportunity to visit the famous national park. Similarly, we’d love to take you on that tour as you experience the best of Kenya at the Lake Nakuru National park