Lake Naivasha is a descendant of the Great Rift Valley, lying camly on its floor. There is a lot you can learn when you take a tour with a leading tour company Kenya. Lake Naivasha tours gave the Lake Naivasha National park its name. The lake is a freshwater lake, near Naivasha Town in Nakuru County located North West of the capital Nairobi. The original name of Lake Naivasha is Naiposha which is derived from the Maa language meaning rough waters. Occasionally, there is a rise of storms at the lake.

The lake Naivasha tours itself is fed by smaller streams and two seasonal rivers; the gilgil and Malewa rivers. However, there isn’t a visible outlet which led to the assumption that it has an underground outflow. The lake Naivasha tours has an average depth of about 20ft but some areas are deeper some with about 30ft of depth. There is a gorge that has since cease to be Lake Naivasha outlet because of its higher altitude known as Njorowa Gorge. Instead the Gorge forms the entrance to Hell’s Gate National park.

A variety of birds and animals call the Lake Naivasha tours National Park its home. There are quite a numbering about 400 species of birds and of course the semi aquatic hippos. The aquatic wildlife is diverse and has been dependent on an array of factors such as the change in climate or the introduction of invasive species into the lake. For instance, the introduction of the common carp into the lake in 2001 lead to a decrease in the population of the fish species in the lake.

There are two smaller lakes in the vicinity of Lake Naivasaha: Lake Olodein and Lake Sonachi (a green crater lake). The Crater Lake Game Sanctuary lies nearby, while the lake shore is known for its population of European immigrants and settlers.

We have frequent tours to Lake Naivasha and our customers can enjoy the breathtaking beauty around the lake. Also, they can get to experience the lake’s offering through a boat ride on Lake Naivasha. We are more than happy to take you to the Lake Naivasha national park when you are ready.