Its always an adventure with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya!

One of the best reasons I love my job with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya is the adventures associated with our tours and travel. There is no doubt that I love my job, I really do and you should see my face every time I get explain to people what I love to do. My face lights up to the joy of sharing my experiences –mostly adventures in the tour industry. This post came about a joke I had with my colleague on how one of guides fell head first into raging mad in the Masai Mara. He was not injured in case you are wondering what kind of people run the best tour company Nairobi Kenya.

He came out with some minor injuries and a wonderful memories that we get to laugh about at our office in the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. Now, on the adventurous day –while most of them are –Mwangi our colleague was ready as usual. He was armed with right gear, all dressed up for an adventure in the Mara. We left Nairobi around 6 AM headed to the Masai mara. In our team we had two Land cruisers and a Toyota Hiace. Njoroge or Njoro as we fondly refer to him was the team leader on this particular trip. I came along with my camera and enthusiasm to document what was going on since one seat was still vacant.

As a best tour company, we know that it is important to keep these memories for posterity and for reference. So much happened along the way, however, I will cut out the details not to bore you with a long story. Mwangi is a skilled driver and tour guide and has been part of the best tour company Nairobi Kenya for three years when the incident occurred. He is also a brave soul. One of the tourists had just spotted a Lioness, we all driving along the pathway heading towards the where a lone lioness was relaxing a few meters away from the pride.

Mary had not seen a lioness this close and she was really excited she requested us to drive towards the pride. As a custom we always drive as team instead of leaving one tour vehicle behind. The land cruisers with their efficiency led the way while the Toyota followed. During the rainy season puddles are clearly visible around the Masai National park. One by one we drove over the puddles, the land cruiser with much ease than the Toyota Hiace. At one point the two Land cruisers also had some resistance maneuvering over a puddle but eventually they made.

Along came Mwangi driving the Toyota Hiace, he was faced with same resistance. However, the van started to slide sideways. That’s when we realized that our adventure has just began. It’s good to note that most of these Safari entails getting your hands dirty! In the case of Mwangi, get your head and entire body dirty –pun intended.

They had to get out of the automobile as is the custom with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. We had to stop and join them while we requested the tourists to remain calm. The idea was to try to push the vehicle through the raging mud. We got right down to it, all the men started to push as hard as possible. However, the vehicle seemed never relented but we pushed harder until there was an opening.

When the opening seemed clear Mwangi said that we should to push even harder. So we did, but he didn’t and just as he was about to start pushing the vehicle flew out of the mud. We all let go but Mwangi slipped and fell head first into the mud and Hiace sprayed mud over him. It was a great moment! That’s how the adventure began. Keep following our blog for more on what happened after the incident.

4 Things to do and see in Nairobi Kenya

In the tourism circles, Nairobi is a haven for best tour company Nairobi Kenya and for yearning travelers. In the same circles, the “the only park with national park” tag really amplifies its magnificence. You just have to travel here to understand what we and others are really talking about. There are a lot of things to be done in Nairobi. Nairobi is educative –because of its cultures, wild animals, food etc. Nairobi is beautiful –its unadulterated savannahs, its indigenous artifacts, its historical presence and so on.  Nairobi is entertaining –its nightlife, its musical events, literature events, food festivals among others.

Visit Karura forest

I have grown up experiencing the political struggles that lead to the reclamation of the Karura forest. My firsthand experience of the lush scenic Karura forest was before I became part of a thriving Best tour company Nairobi Kenya. I could see it on my way to the city from the village along Limuru road. Back then Karura forest was an adolescent waiting to be discovered now she is a source of picnic happiness, jogging comfort among other things. Karura forest is darling of many natural lovers including best tour company Nairobi Kenya.

Go on, head on Karura and appreciate the beauty, the caves and indigenous flora and fauna including the bush babies & bush back.

Visit the Giraffe center

We have highlighted the giraffe center, the national museum, the David sheldrick wildlife trust in our itinerary as the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. Perhaps, you landed here looking for the things to do in Nairobi. You are in the right place! Now the Giraffe center is one of a Kind Giraffe sanctuary. The good thing is that you get to feed the giraffe and boy are they friendly? So when a best tour company Nairobi Kenya takes you on a tour here make sure you make friends with the giraffes. Take some few selfies for the social media pages and share some snacks with them!

Adopt an elephant at the David sheldrick elephant Trust

The David Sheldrick elephant trust was set up to help orphaned elephants, nurture them and reintroduce them back into the wild. In the trust you will experience and interact with young elephants as they regain they strength. There are caregivers who take care of the elephants with much enthusiasm to ensure they are back where they belong. In addition, you can adopt an orphaned elephant for a small fee and get to see them grow.

Game viewing at the Nairobi national park

Nairobi is the city in the sun and the only city to have a national park within its borders. Nairobi national park is that park. There are two things you can do in the national park; go out for a picnic or game viewing. Under the guidance of a best tour company Nairobi Kenya you can go out on a fully fledged Nairobi national park tour. Also you can go out for a picnic in the designated regions especially during the weekends. Locals take advantage of this by going out on a picnic within the set places in the national park. It’s good to note that Nairobi national park is home to the famous big African Five!

Now with that in mind you can always hit us up; we are among the best tour company Nairobi Kenya and we will help you enjoy your stay in Nairobi.



Getting an affordable tours Kenya

When you mention tour and travelling cost implications always pop up on your budgetary plans. Travelling to Kenya more specifically is expensive! However, there are ways to find and do affordable tours Kenya. This post will demystify the idea and cost burdens that overwhelms most travelers to the country. No doubt Kenya has a lot to offer as affordable tours Kenya are concerned. The African safari is epitomized in Kenya starting with the highly romanticized (with good reason) Masai Mara. It is regarded with much enthusiasm as the park with the highest concentration of Mammals in the world. Let’s just say that this is the true definition of the wild world.

Your love for affordable tours should begin in Kenya every time you think of the lovable African Safari. Perhaps you have seen how it’s quite expensive to book a tour online going even to about $1000 for a 3 day safari in the country. Of course, it’s cheaper if you make your booking with a local company such as Bamm Tours and Safari Limited. Because as tour company located in Kenya we do understand that offering affordable tours Kenya to foreigners is perhaps the best deal for us and them,

In fact anyone familiar with travel industry is to book with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya once you land in the country. It’s far cheaper than you might think. You will get a discount if you book with us!

Depending on what is included in the package, a 3 day trip to the Masai mara can get cheap as $400. In most cases a truly affordable tours Kenya will include

  1. The transportation cost
  2. Park entrance fee
  3. Meals and drinks included
  4. The game drive and accommodation(usually tents because lodging in a the popular hotels will cost you more

Choose between camping and lodging

Well what best define an affordable tour Kenya between camping and lodging? The answer is not either yes or no but as basic affordability is concerned camping is affordable. When you choose to hire camping gear or come along with your own you get to save a lot of money. For the regular Kenyan traveler, this is one way of make your already cheap tour more affordable. For instance, if you wish to travel to the Masai Mara you will find camp sites located outside the national park.

Other ways of experiencing an affordable tours Kenya is lodging with a local family. So instead of spending money on the camping sites or lodging resorts you simply move into a cheap guest house or a local family that hosts people.

In upcoming posts we shall be sharing better ways of experiencing affordable tours Kenya. There are numerous ways and we believe the first one is to book with a best tour company Nairobi Kenya for better services

Nyama choma tour with Bamm Tours and Safaris!

One of a special offering by Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited in its quest to maintain the tag of the Best tour company Kenya is the Nyama Choma tours. Well, Nyama Choma directly translated means roasted meat. In essence, the Nyama choma tours is like a localized barbeque. In Kenya the barbeque is a family affair with a twist. Unlike in first world countries the animal is slaughtered by the locals. In recent years the culture has changed especially with the high cost of living. Now even the locals have to source for animals (usually goats or sheeps) from the small scale farmers located a few kilomters from the capital Nairobi.

The Nyama Choma tour takes place in Kiambu County about 15 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya. This tour is encompassing and quite engaging. The tourists with the best tour company Kenya involve themselves with the process. It’s exhilarating to say the least and those tourists that have taken a Nyama choma tour definitely come back in the nest year. One qualities of the Nyama choma tours is the fact that it’s uniquely engaging tour. Secondly, the tourist get to engage with the locals and get an authentically African meal preparation process that helps them to learn so much as well.

The tour is targeted to both locals and foreign tourists. The foreigners indulge themselves with the process since it’s an entirely new experience for them. The adult Kenyan generation has at least had an experience slaughtering a goat or sheep for festivities or cultural occasions. It is customary to slaughter an animal in most occasions such as family blessings, weddings, initiations and so on. However, the practice is diminishing as most park of the country urbanize. In addition, the affairs have increasingly become costlier because of the scarcity of the animals to slaughter.

The younger urban generation might have missed this experience especially if they don’t regularly visit their kinsmen in the villages. This tour organized by the best tour company Kenya can be a breath of fresh air for such people. It’s our job to ensure that the tourists enjoy as much as possible.

We always enjoy sharing this experience with our guests and you too should try the Nyama choma tours with Bamm tours and Safaris Limited!


When is the best time to travel to Kenya? During the Low season?

Let’s face it we all love a bargain! And we are going to see how best you can get a bargain while travelling to Kenya during the low season. There is no doubt that Kenya is a great tourist destination and perhaps all  best tour company Kenya have diverse packages set for tourists. There is a lot to see and do in this beautiful country. However, as in most holidays, travelling to Kenya for foreigners is not a cheap affair –it will cost you an arm and a leg. But what if we told you there is way you can save on the cost? Well, for starters by choosing the best tour company Kenya…Secondly, by travelling to the country during the low season.

Of course, there are a myriad of ways you can save yourself some hard earned cash but for now let’s share the benefits of travelling to Kenya during the low season!

Affordable rates

I mean this is obvious since, the hotels are down, most best tour company Kenya are not taking people to parks…there is little activities and so on and so forth. Since there are less people coming to visit the country you get to experience most of these wildness at a much low price than they’d charge you in the peak season. But a word of caution though, if you are visiting Kenya for the first time then the low season is not the best for you. During this season the savannahs has overgrown grass and the wild animals are not seen clearly. However, you are at liberty to consult with your best tour company Kenya agents before making a booking.

You get to be treated like a King/Queen!

Most of the service providers such as best tour company Kenya, resort owners, airlines are dealing with less tourists in the low season. Therefore, they accord you the best treatment since they are not exhausted from attending to thousands of tourists.

Less people, less crowding!

If you wish to have a peaceful, relaxed tour of the country Kenya then visiting the country during the off peak season is your best bet. There are less people during the off peak season which means you do not have to compete for space or hustle to view the animals as they go on with their lives. In addition, when you visit the localized African markets in Kenya there are less tourists around which means you get a bargain in the process.

Lastly, you get to go out on an eco-friendly tour during the off peak season. You get to indulge yourself in the sandy beaches and interact with the game with little or no pressure. Additionally, you get to choose where you will be staying meaning you get to settle in an eco-friendly accommodation. That’s the beauty of experiencing Kenyan landscapes in the best period.

Now that you know the best season to get a bargain while visiting Kenya then go ahead and make a booking with us, we are the best tour company Kenya! We are in touch with the country and we will ensure you get the best experience!

Mistakes to avoid when travelling to Kenya

With a wild country such as Kenya, travelling becomes the exhilarating experiences. In fact it sometimes it becomes so hectic and stressful that some people might decide to do postpone or cancel the travel plans altogether. However, in the company of an experienced best tour travel agent Kenya this process is seamless. Before we get into discussing our merits as the best travel tour agent Kenya let me introduce the topic of this post which is mistakes to avoid when travelling or touring in Kenya. When you are aware of these mistakes you will try to avoid them especially if you are a first time traveler!

Therefore read on and learn how to avoid mistakes while travelling in the great country of Kenya!

Bring along more than you should

It could be that travelers are overwhelmed by the excitement that they tend to carry along more than they should. In most cases, tourists will pack too much in their travelling bags. When you understand the landscape of your destination you can plan your packaging better. Now, games safari are quite popular among tourists and best travel tour agent Kenya alike. Therefore, you don’t need to bring along what seem like unnecessary stuff. Travelling light is safe to say the least. Of course, it does take a load of your travelling schedule and muscles.

Ideally, you should make a list of all the things you need (not want) and stay loyal to that list.

Having over the moon expectations!

First of all, as a best tour travel agent Kenya I need to state that we deliver on what we promise and advertise in our marketing materials! That said, tourists might be disappointed during their trip. For instance, during the world famous 8th wonder of the world wildebeest migration tourists might miss some crucial aspect of the phenomenal. They say that some of the most exciting adventures are the unplanned ones! Basically, all I am saying is that you need to have an open mind while travelling because unexpected things do happen along the way! In essence, be an optimistic realist when travelling to avoid missing out on adventure. Also, remember to make a realistic itinerary and stick to it!

Spending so much time on your gadgets

Nowadays gadgets are the in thing and everyone can’t seem to place their down. It’s now wonder that a lot of travelers will bring their gadgets along and spend nearly all their time scrolling through them. They end up missing some crucial happenings during their trip. As a best tour travel agent Kenya we advise that tourists limit their gadget usage to the filming or photography. It’s important to remember that in order to experience the best in African Safari, Mountain climbing or birding you need to immerse yourself in the experience fully.

Forgetting to bring enough cash along

Not bring along enough cash might be a thorny issues in the African savanna if you know what I mean. To be on the safe side don’t relay so much on your cards. You need to bring along cash because not all places accept MPESA (a popular mobile money platform in Kenya). Bringing cash along ensures that you have covered yourself on any spending issue that may arise.

If you’d like to take a trip around Kenya with one of the best tour travel agent Kenya then you can contact us now!







5 reasons why you should visit Kenya

It’s a norm that any vistor to Kenya will wax lyrical of the most stunning and breathtaking country in East Africa. The mantra should be that everyone in the world should at least visit Kenya once in their lifetime. People should take a  tour with the best tour company Nairobi Kenya, taste locally prepared cuisines, lodge at world famous resorts, experience the tropical sun on Kenya Sandy beaches, go birding with family and friends and meet new people!. There are lot of activities in Kenya for the discerning heart. Here as reasons why you should travel to Kenya

Kenya has awesomely friendly people!

There are a collection of phrases to describe the great people of Kenya but for now we stick with awesomely friendly. Because the people are truly just that! They will invite new comers to their people. In fact we offer a Nyama Choma (barbeque) tour as the best tour company Nairobi Kenya because they love to interact with locals. One of the best experience during the tour is that you get to interact with the locals and definitely fall in love with their friendliness.

The weather is too good to be true!

Welcome to the tropics where the sun shines all year long! The wether in Kenya is very predictable and it’s awesome for tours. In addition, Kenyan weather is quite diverse ranging from sunny coastal region to the cooler plush highlands inhabited by tea and coffee plantations. One of the reason Kenya has a great weather is that it lies on the equator. If it’s a consolation it’s good to know that you just might walk without a jacket in the Kenyan winter. In essence Kenyan weather is typically constant all year round!

Great food and accommodation

Among the most frequently asked questions by tourists to any best tour company Nairobi is Kenya is regards to food and accommodation. You can rest assured that nearly all lodge’s offer family oriented accommodation. In case of tented camping sites they tend to place them apart from each other to ensure there is enough privacy. The delicacies prepared by world class chef include the local tasty food and various international meals. Basically, food is presented as buffet to ensure that clients are spoilt for choice.

Fun filled activities

Selling Kenya as a tourist destination makes becomes easier for best tour company Nairobi Kenya because of the diversity. There are tens of activities a tourist can engage in. A visitor gets to see authentically African beauty in four dimensional –if it makes sense. If you are lucky, you get see it better than it is presented on National geographic. In essence, visiting Kenya is an adventure that will leave an everlasting impression forever! Besides the game drives, Kenya also offer, exhilarating beaches, enchanting lakes, tough gorges, towering mountains and so on.

We couldn’t forget the white sandy beaches

Well, sandy beaches offer for great relief from the usual Gmae Safaris Kenya is famous for. On a tour with a best tour company Nairobi Kenya remember to indicate your interest in the sandy beaches. Therefore, you can add that to your itinerary for a great tour of the country. The sandy beaches are many and you will enjoy with your family!

If you’d like to visit Kenya talk to Bamm Tours and Safaris because we are the best tour company Nairobi Kenya. Also we are familiar with all the best destination for visitors.

How to choose the best tour travel destination in Kenya (finances and time pt. 2)

This is a continuation of an earlier post we did on how to choose the best tour travel destination in Kenya so you can also read up on that one if you got time. By you have already settled on the best tour company Kenya you will be working with and you have settled on destination and your companions for the tours. Now this posts will look into the nitty gritty of understanding your financials and planning your tour around what you have. Therefore, the first point will be discussing your budget. Remember that working with the best tour company Kenya is not a cheap affair. Also, travelling with companions will surely dent your wallet.

Working around your budget?

Your choice of destination will determine how much you can spend. For instance, national parks such as the Masai Mara allow tented camping. However, there are a myriad of luxurious lodges and resorts. Now the question is how do you reduce the cost of your travel? First of all you need to determine the amount you can afford for your travel plans. Once you have settled on you budget you can decide on some of these costs to avoid in the planned budget.

For example, you can decide on whether to be hosted at a luxury resort of on campsite within the national park. Similarly, you can apply the same principle on food. You can decide to make your own food instead of eating out in expensive places.

What is the cost of living in your tour destination?

Besides hiring tour guides or best tour company Kenya, there are park fees, food among other items. The idea is to ensure that you have the actual costs of the product you wish to purchase during the trip. Some of the artifacts might not be listed online and it will depend on your haggling experience. For the foreign travelers, it’s important to understand the exchange rate of your destination during the period you will be hosted there.

Another factor that helps tourists is travelling during the off peak season. Bamm tours and Safari Limited is among the tour company Kenya and what we can attest is that travelling during the low season will save you a lot of money!

Consider the time you’d be travelling

How much time will you be spending on your trip in Kenya? Once you have determined the time it will be easier to plan your budget and handle your finances well. The time spent will also help you to figure out the activities you will be involved in. If the finances allow a shorter trip can allow you to enjoy more luxurious exploits and fine living. However, a longer trip longer trip coupled with financial constraints means you will have to contend with less spending. You can also reduce your cost by working with an affordable tour company Kenya.

What about looking out for discounts and deals?

There a numerous companies offering tour and travel services. Most importantly, as you are concerned it’s cheaper to seek deals when travelling. Some of the deals to be considered include accommodation, travel and dining. Some airlines offer discounts if you are a regular traveler.  Similarly, Bamm tour a leading best tour company Kenya offers discounts to regular customers. We also advertise deals especially during the high tourist season.

You can contact us for a tour and travel services. We love Kenya and we love travelling. We are the best tour company Kenya! Talk to us now!






How to choose the best tour travel destination in Kenya (pt. 1)

As bon fide supporter of the Kenyan cause –of course their winning ways –no pun intended, especially when it comes tours and safaris. Kenya is known world over because of their athletes and Safaris. For a lucky international tourist you just might get a taste of mursik and an autograph from the world class athletes when you travel with a best tour company Kenya.

For the uninitiated, mursik is a traditional fermented milk variant of the Kalenjin people of Kenya. Also urban folklore suggests that mursik is the source of the world famous Kenyan athletes. But why would you believe urban legends if you can get the facts straight for the horse’s mouth! All you have to do is travel with the best tour company Kenya to the heart of the Rift valley where they reside!

In addition to the phenomenal athletes Kenya is picturesque and a great place for game viewing among other treats. So how do you choose the best tour travel destinations in Kenya?

What your interest?

Choosing the best tour destination in an endowed country can be overwhelming for most people. However, if you begin your search by listing down the number of activities you’d be interested it because far much easier. Are you interested in a game safari or an urban adventure or zip lining in the Kereita forest? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. Furthermore, you can divide your interests along these lines such as

  • The physical activities you wish to engage in.
  • The informative tours you could be interested in.
  • Or even as relaxation tour such as the Sandy beaches of Malindi and Mombasa

Next up you need to create a schedule on when best to take your tour with a best tour company Kenya. These considerations should be in line with your normal routine including work, home and elsewhere.

Who are you travelling with?

There are those that would love to travel as local tourists while others are travelling to Kenya from foreign countries. Whichever the case, you need to travel with companions because they make the travel worthwhile. Your companions could be your friends or family. In our case as a best tour company Kenya, all our clients are our true travel companions. Ideally, you should consider your travelling companion as you make your plans. For instance you need to inform you best tour company Kenya if you are travelling with children so that they can put the right measures in place


Also, if they are adults they too need to make their input on the travel plans and destination. This really helps especially if there is a large difference between the ages the travelers.



Do some research?

Once, you have the above settled you can get down to the nitty gritty of finding the most appropriate destination. There are various places you can do your research such as a publication run by a best tour company Kenya, visit tourist attractions sites, travel blogs, contact a tour company such as Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited, and ask for referrals from friends. But remember to be cautious when doing your research to avoid being duped by unscrupulous businesspeople.


Lastly, as you do your research you can be region specific. For instance, there are so many National parks and reserves in Kenya. However, most of these parks are located in diverse regions typically referred to as counties.


In the next post we will look into the finances and time itself. Always you can contact us for a tour of the great country of Kenya!

The benefits of working with a best travel agent for Kenya Safari

In an ever changing world it’s easier to drop off different careers as we take matters to our own hands. In the information age we have seen certain industry become obsolete. However, what if you were looking for the best travel agent for Kenya Safari? Well, there has some changes from how the business was done a decade ago. People can easily book a tour online thereby dropping the need of working with a tour company. That said, there a lot of benefits of working with a best travel agent for Kenya safari.

Of course, one of them is that when you are planning a vacation, tour or trip its better when you let others do all the hard work when you can concentrate on the fun. We have highlighted a few benefits of working with a best travel agent for Kenya Safari

Tour operators bring on board knowledge and experience

When you hire a the best travel agent for Kenya safari you would bring on board a number of years of solid experience. These are people familiar of the country and all its popular destination. Kenya is a great tourist destination. Additionally, the country is diverse and extensive as far as size is concerned. In fact, its popular tours are varied as they are diverse. So a best travel agent for Kenya Safari knows Kenya like the back of the hand.

The tour company is familiar of the Kenyan culture, destinations and its alluring beauty.

Purchasing power

This boils down to economies of scale. A tour company with its networks and experience is able to get the best rates for a resort, lodge or popular destination. One of the thing that allow them to get the discounts is because they buy in bulk. In a sense the best travel agent for Kenya safari has noteworthy relationships that a tourist can rely on.


When you have hired a best travel agent for Kenya Safari you get a lot of things done at one go. Basically, you are getting value for your holiday. The tour company will handle any transfers, your transportation, accommodation, guides, consultation and any other service you might be interested in during your travel. The tour operators in Kenya shall make your travel way much better than when you are doing it all by yourself.


What’s more convenient than knowing your travel plans have been taken care of when you really need to travel? Well, it does not get better than working with the best travel agent for Kenya Safari. The tour company will handle your request in due time allowing you to handle other important issues. It gets better since if you decide an impromptu tour the best travel agent for Kenya Safari will sort you our immediately.


You are in safe hands

When you are visiting unfamiliar territory you can help but feel a little bit uneasy. However, the uneasiness turns to calmness when you feel secure. That is what the best travel agent for Kenya Safari does to tourists. You feel safe and secure when working with a tour company.

We are among the best travel agent for Kenya Safari, we have a few years’ experience running Kenyan safaris and you will be right to work with us. Book a tour with now!