Mt Kilimanjaro towers over this popular Savannah paradise. Amboseli tours national park is ranked as one of the best sightseeing park in Kenya. Just like most national parks in Kenya, Amboseli tours derives its name from the Maa language spoken by the Masai people. The word itself means salty dust in the Maa dialect. One of the aprk’s great offering is the herd of elephants that are easily visible as one tours the park. These sights can be easily seen from a tour by a leading tour company Mombasa kenya.




In fact, you can rest assured that you will come across such breathtaking and natural beauty in its true form up close. What in store in Amboseli tours national park? The habitat variations are composed of a wetlands, woodlands, savannahs and springs. And if you are lucky, you will get to see Masai in their indigenous home clad in traditional regalia since they live close to this great park. When a tour company Mombasa Kenya takes you on a tour you will get to see most of these destinations.

The Amboseli tours National park was established as a nationwide reserve in 1968 and later upgraded to a national park in the year 1974. Later on, under the leadership of Mwai Kibaki the park control was shifted from the KWS (Kenya wildlife services) to the local Olkejuedo county council. In essence, the handover was back to the Maa people who are regarded as the true custodians of this park.

Any visit to the park offer visitors a range of habitats from swamp marshes, to expansive plains, thorny bushes and common woodlands. Therefore, tourists get a grand opportunity to witness and behold indigenous beauty and wild encounters on frequent basis. With the backing of the highest Mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, Amboseli offer a great backdrop of sightseeing and wild escapades for the yearning hearts.

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