Watamu is a tiny town approximately 105 Km in Mombasa. The small town is closer to Malindi about 15Km south of the coastal town along the Indian Ocean. The town is set right between Watamu bay and Blue lagoon. As you might have noticed the town is dependent on fishing and tourism, the former due to the proximity to the ocean and the latter because of the popularity of the coastal region as a tourism hub.

One of the town’s greatest offering is the famous white sandy beaches and the bio diverse coral reefs found in different bays and beach. There are a number of beaches and bays in the small town including Turtle bay, Blue lagoon bay, Watamu bay, Kanani reaf, oacean breeze and Jacaranda beach. All these areas are under protection as the Watamu Marine national park. Therefore visitors can enjoy themselves in the through diving or snorkeling. Actually, the Marine is considered as the best in East Africa for the two activities.

And its silver and crystal clear water gives the marine park a third best beach rating in Africa. There is an association that has been formed to help in conservancy efforts together with Kenya wildlife services (KWS).