There are two sections of the Tsavo Park; Tsavo east National park and Tsavo west National park. These two parks are located in between the Nairobi and Mombasa in the coastal region of Kenya. It’s quite a huge park occupying an approximate area of about 22,000Km2. In fact Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and perhaps in the entire world. The reason this park was divided into two because of the railway originating from Mombasa to the interior regions of the Kenya.

The parks have a collection of lodges that guest can stay over their visit at the park which makes them great for game viewing and sightseeing. Bamm tours offer guided tours to Tsavo National park regularly. The park is among the first to be gazette dating back to the colonial times in 1948. It’s on the south eastern region of Kenya at Voi. The Park is typically flat with dry plains whiel the Galana river cut across. Also, the Lugard falls and Yatta plateau is located within the Tsavo’s borders.

Tsavo west has distinct features and rather different from its counterpart in the east. This region receives more rain and it is mountainous coupled with swamps a lake and springs too. It hosts diverse wildlife such as the buffalos, rhinos, leopards, lions, hippos and elephants. In addition, there are other smaller animals such as the kudu, bush babies and hartebeest and the taller giraffes.

Our story as a tour company Kenya is to make people endeared to the Kenyan savannahs feel more at home as they travel and tour. We will give you a guided tour and allow you to enjoy the sites while interacting albeit sometimes from a distance with the wildlife. The Tsavo national parks are among the best and every traveler should make a point to visit them. Of course, let us be the tour company Kenya that takes you there.