If you a big fan of Hiking and sightseeing then Hell’s Gate National Park is an incredible choice for such enthusiasts. Hell’s gate National park derive its name from its cliffs appearance with narrow breaks. Its regarded as a prehistoric lake tributary which might have nourished early humans around the great rift valley in Kenya. The park was gazette in the 1984. It is relatively small in size in comparison to some of the other national park among our itinerary as a tour company Kenya. Typically, Hells Gate National Park is known for its picturesque view more than it is familiar for its wildlife. However, that does not mean that this particular park doesn’t support wildlife. Of course, its known for a myriad of wildlife and its scenery as well. The most popular of its site is the Central tower column and the Fischer tower and the Hell’s gate Gorge.

The Kenyan government has also established three geothermal power stations at the popular steam producing Olkaria site. Campers are also in for a treat at the park since the park has a few designated camp site. To top it off they have created a masai cultural center providing useful information on the Indigenous Masai culture which forms original inhabitants of most parks in the Great Rift Valley.

There are myriad of wildlife in smaller numbers. Some of the wildlife visible in the park include Cheetahs, Lions, and Leopards. But the most common wildlife for tourists here is the Lammergeyer vultures. In addition, to the species of vultures is a collection of a various species of birds such as eagles and swifts. You can also sight buffaloes, gazelles, hyenas, baboons as they go about their business.