Breathtaking beauty is so poetic a description that as a frequent traveler you always have confidence in what to expect –every once when you plan a trip. Bamm tours and Safaris limited envisages a world where travelling is a basic need. It’s a long shot but we can’t help it! First of an all, our home country Kenya encompasses beauty in its core and spreads. If we start with our experiences a tour company Kenya we can come up with volumes and volumes of books on this topic. We have witnessed raw beauty and our clients have too in the process of finding these gems. Secondly, the diverse Kenyan landscape ensures that travelers are spoilt for choices as far as sightseeing is concerned.

Tour Company Kenya such as Bamm Tours and Safaris Ltd knows a myriad of locations suited for all needs. These sites include the urban to the raw untouched wildness. We have a posts of all these locations in detail on our blog. However, there this article is a highlight of some of these varied tours and what to expect when you visit each.

Nairobi; the capital city of the Gorgeous East African country has a lot to offer including Nyama Choma, the only national park in a city, the various historical sites, among others. You can indulge in the Indigenously African urban culture in its natural form here. In addition, Nairobi is an intelligent city according to recent study conducted and visitors have a lot to learn visiting through a tour company Kenya.

Auspicious wildlife; we had to find a more befitting word to describe the amazing wildlife in Kenya courtesy of a tour company Kenya such as ours. In simple times Kenya is truly blessed with auspicious wildlife alongside breathing locations. The wildlife populous is diverse and widely placed around the various national parks and reserves. Of course, this remains as one of our greatest export as a country.

Great lodges and amazing sites; are you a big camping fan? Well, you are in luck if you stowed away to this beautiful country. The country offers world class camping sites unmatched in the continent and perhaps in the world. The camping sites are either located in designated camping sites or in the national parks. The lodges are usually located near the National parks or within the national parks for easier access by tourists.

The beast wildebeest migration; you can’t mention breathtaking Kenyan beauty and fail to mention the world famous wildebeest migration. It’s one of the most popular tourist attraction in Kenya. The best thing is that Bamm tours and safari Ltd as tour company Kenya will take you to the heart of the migration as you get to experience this phenomenal.